Don’t say e (forum version)


Have conversations without saying the letter e, substitutes are fine, you can state things without e if it isn’t a part of the game. I’ll start.



Hi! How is your day?


H_llo, I am Lord-Hyn_ss. Who ar_ you?


Purdy good, you?




Wow this is difficult.


Why is this a thing?


th- tittle has an -


Th* Quick Brown Fox Jumps Ovr th Lazy Dog.


It don’t count


Ann got th_ r_d hot pot off th_ log. (Dont ask it was from sci_nc_ class for DNA)


Don’t say this, don’t say that, don’t say anything.


H3llo, My nam3 is Mh3ad. How hav3 you b33n doing? By th3 way, Th3 titl3 has an 3.


Not gonna violate th law oh shoot I screwed up oh I did it again


Hai, how is this group?


I lov Th Blockhads!


(post withdrawn by author, will b automatically deltd in 36 hours unlss flaggd)