Donkey Apocalypse 2021

So the donkeys have took over my land in this game.
I can’t seem to kill them off quick enough.
They still ‘Do The Thing’ While Swimming In Water.
Or On Lack Of Land.
They Spawn MORE and MORE every time I reopen this land.
They LAUGH and LAUGH and their donk bebes LAUGH and LAUGH at me.
~ Saddly being a new member. The post cannot contain My horrible screenshot(s) or (links) to/of my Donk-calypse~ If you are unable to view images on post my screenshot, please my current profile picture. :+1: :ok_hand:
(Picture of and For My Current USER images)


I see your profile pic with all the donkeys. It’s truly epic. How’d you get so many??


Your profile background image is terrifying. :open_mouth: Too many donkeys.


Wow- Fr?! Do you know the cause of the amount of donkeys spawned within your server?!

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The amount of donkeys in your profile picture look hilarious and horrifying at the same time!


Still fighting the mass of donks off.
I am trying to kill off 20 or more every time I play.
Lack of light and food as well as having them float still dosn’t stop their breeding. O.O Still great amount of bebes found in every continuance of my game. :expressionless:
As I fight the grey hoards, My game movement is slightly improving :clap: :+1:.

I would really like to know why my scenario one day contained so many donkeys. :thinking:
I figure that I have planted lots of carrots and apples trees all over and other plants and trees are almost using all of my main land space.
I have connected most of the land so animals have free flow to walk the whole world.
I am trying to still find out what the cause or causes are. When the donks have cleared enough for me to move faster/better as I did at the beginning of the game.

*Btw no other creatures have
over spawned or made this much of a game mess.
No matter what I plant or blocks I put down.

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Have you killed off every carrot plant yet? Maybe starvation’ll eliminate them…although probably not when it comes to this specific apocalypse…
I’m also curious about this donkey phenomenon, so if you ever find the cause, please keep us updated!

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is it that way across the whole world? even on land?

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Did you ever manage to stop the donkeys entirely?

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If only that was actually in the game… :lol:

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Grieving would skyrocket

Maybe it should be nerfed then.

“Update: bomber plane only drops 3 bombs in a strafe”


It all started up above, up On the land. I worked so hard to plant trees flax carrots and make a way for all my animals to walk continuously from one end of my scene to the other, as well as my character, who actually is a great miner and climber.
There is still no change as I haven’t checked for quite a while week or two maybe a month.
Last time I was battling a great group of these donks, I was trapping them or trying to trap them under the water, but they where still donkin and hawing doing their thing… But not drowning.
I would trap some between bricks and kill off a mass of them 5 to 10 usually in a stack.
I got back to being able to move a bit easier through my terrain as sub-terrain, and light rest a few bars At least that took at least twice as long even though I was sleeping on a soft bed.
And I ended up with at least 3 stacks of donkey hides during my struggles with the gray hordes.
I look to play soon. Get more pictures showing the great battle to save my land from donks and on and on.


You’ll have enough leather for a lifetime supply of biker jackets