Donkey Trouble

So um, I’m having trouble with my donkey breeding farm. I have the gray, black, blue, and green donkeys (my brown donkey died), and I can’t seem to get the yellow donkey. I keep getting blue, green, black, and even gray donkey babies but all I need is yellow donkey rn. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need that brown donkey? And what would you recommend I do with those baby donkey colors I don’t need?

Edit: Thanks, everyone! I now have the yellow donkey, orange, and my friend is helping me get the red. :smiley: Only a few more steps until a unicorn!

You’ll need to be patient.

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Got it. Thanks :smiley: Do I need the brown donkey?

No you don’t

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Mk, makes sense. :smiley: It’s a pretty low level donkey color.

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Maybe try caging up all the non-green donkeys, so you won’t get babies of their colors?


Hmm ok.

pretty much all taming takes extreme patience, what i find to be ironic though is that dropbears are widely regarded as more difficult to tame than sharks and even cave trolls

donkeys to unicorns are the worst in terms of cycling through in a repetitive way, unless you want to count getting every single type of dodo egg, it does take longer

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Dropbears are fairly easy to tame for me. Sharks are harder in my opinion though, dropbears are slightly less hard to tame then cave trolls for me. :slight_smile:

dropbears are mainly harder for a lot of people due to them dying quicker or a tree dying quicker which for some reason can lead to despawning

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True, but I normally just leave them in their tree and use a jetpack to tame them. :slight_smile: They are more likely to die if you put them in some sort of trap without a habitat.

Tame as many of the latest donkey colour as you can and invest in cages to put away the other colours you tamed. Gates and doors are also a good way to walk between different sections without the donkeys mixing or escaping

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Thank you, although I’m not breeding donkeys in this world anymore. I already got all the colors. :smiley: But, thanks anyways, incase I want/need to breed donkeys in another world! :slight_smile: