Donkeys keep dying


I don’t why, but my donkeys keep dying for some reason. I am trying to get a unicorn but I can’t with this glitch :frowning:


Do they keep dying, like, suddenly? Donkeys normally die from hunger, however if you tame them they wont die as quickly.


You can put a feeder chest with some carrots, so they don’t die.


Do you have a feeder chest?


There’s no glitch, I’m tameing donkeys/ unicorns fine on my worlds.
When a baby appears, seperate it if you can using a cage to take it to a room with NO carrots growing or feeder chests. A baby should except two hand feeds with a carrot straight away, If you have carrots or a feeder chest with the donkeys and babies, they will eat that food and you won’t be able to hand feed them.
I get my bh into routine. I sleep my bh at night, I don’t use coffee, I use coffee cherries if I need to finish a task faster. Every new day, after I’ve slept, I start by trying to feed the donkey before doing any other tasks. each time I’m finished a task I just continue to randomly tap the donkey with a carrot until it excepts a feed for that day.
Takes 4-7 in game days roughly to tame one.


Thanks for the tips, I’ll try that to see if it fixes my problems.