Don't allow posts that look like less then 5 characters


If you don’t know what I have posted another thing below the OP saying LT5C as an example. but anyway people may insert random strings like this example


Into their post to make it look less then 5 characters, that shouldn’t really be allowed here on the forum anymore. It is Milla’s choice to add this but she doesn’t need too if she doesn’t want too.




You make this forum unreadable.


How exactly does he make it unreadable? I’m curious.




Is there any way to disable the 5 character limit in forum games though? All the other categories are fine with the limit.


i doubt this could be implemented, as if i’m correct the current system looks at the left side of drafts (below)

and counts the number of characters used to determine if a post meets standards

This is because the character limits likely are there to counter long posts, but as well as <> code in posts