Door hiding

When I stay in a door, I cannot be attacked. This is considered “door hiding”. Most PvP servers, as well as my new server, TIMECRYSTALHOTEL, do not allow door hiding.

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I understand how this could be an issue, but I honestly think it wouldn’t be too easy to fix. If you tap on a door, you start breaking it. There isn’t really a good way to tell if you are wanting to break the door or not.

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If you use the d-pad, you can hide in the door without breaking it.

That’s not exactly what I meant. I understand that you can hide in the doors, but whether you are trying to break door or not would be difficult to determine.

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What about have doors have a “REMOVE” button that removes the door when clicked on.

That wouldn’t solve the issue as clicking a door would open a UI rather than straight up breaking the door. This basically means that the operation you would have to carry out in order to attack someone standing in the door is still being overridden by another operation.

Making it so that you automatically get pushed out to the opposite side of a door from where you entered it would probably work best, though I’m not sure how easy that would be to implement.


“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”



Perfect for combat strategy xD


Make a rule on PVP servers. “You may not build with doors.” LOL


I am rather shocked that no one mentioned that if an area is protected you cannot break the door. Door hiding and pausing in battle is a big no no on servers I moderate and own.

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I can only imagine what PVP server owners thought…

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Somewhat related. If someone is pausing during battle their character freezes in place and you hear a sound like ripping cloth when hitting them. Both the door and pausing issues are very annoying. btw Dave told me on Twitter that one reason he put the pausing feature in is so you don’t die if your phone rings. Still annoying.

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Let’s fix that too.

It’s not something to be fixed. The pause option is an intended feature. It is up to us individually to enforce the no pausing during battle rule or not. If it is abused that is when I step in.

It is.

Don’t hold your breath. As I said Dave purposely put this feature in the game. He told me so.

The slightly annoying thing with this feature is that tools decrease in their integrity when hitting a player in paused mode, despite them not taking any damage. However, the decrease isn’t a lot, especially with iron-level swords or better.