Double north pole hat

how is this even possible? I found it in a server i will not specify the name of server cause i dont want it stolen.

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As of 1.7, pole items both take damage and regenerate at the poles. They last much longer than any other clothing item, but will eventually break.

If the world is set to custom rules, this can be changed back to the old behavior of the owner desires.

its a survival and i was thinking also its because of 1.7 hat being able to spawn more than one but i taught it will only respawn in survival if you take the one that is currently there.

These things keep stacking up. In any server that is Survival or has this option on you will occasionally find me by the South Pole, sweeping up to 9 boots at a time to hoard.

i personally never noticed it so i taught it was a glitch.

it became 3 now

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