Double time not renewing my old purchase

Hi, Back a while ago I purchased Double Time and now today I can not press the button, because it is grayed out and nothing happens when I press it. Could someone please tell me why I can not get something back that I already purchased?

nvm I fixed it. please close or lock or delete this thread ty

Could you please state how you fixed this? Other people might have the same problem.

If you go into the portal there is a double time feature button. I clicked on that and it told me I had purchased the double time. The problem I was having was in the menu the double time feature button wasn’t telling me anything and it was grayed out. I’d recommend adding a prompt to the ‘double time’ feature button in the menu, for e.g. "You have already purchased ‘Double Time’! "

It’s greyed out because it’s already in place. If it weren’t it wouldn’t be greyed out. This is a feature rather than a bug.

umm, i have the same problem but the game softlocks whenever i try to purchase ANYTHING. i didnt recieve the bill thankfully, but neither the double time. I need help fixing it, I want to purchase my double time :frowning:

Are you using Android or iOS?

Have you tried offloading the app and reinstalling it?

ios, and yes i have tried reinstalling.

Have you tried contacting Apple? This is probably an issue with your connection to the App Store, as IAPs are working fine.

yes, all they said was the purchase didn’t go through and to contact the developers of the game to see if there is a problem on their side.

I made a couple of purchases this morning, to test it, and it worked fine, so it’s not the app or Apple’s service in general. One thing worth trying is making a purchase across a different network. Every internet service provider uses their own routing gear, so traffic takes different paths to get to the same place. It may be that there’s a bad route that you’re using. A switch of networks would test this.

BTW, which device model and generation are you using? If you have another Apple device using the same Apple ID have you tried using that one to make the purchase?

How do I email you? Because I really need you help with something

You can tap on Milla’s profile picture and then tap the message button in order to get in contact with her privately.

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I have created a pm for you and milla
Bc you are still a basic user not member user

I am on ipad air 2.
I used to have an old ipad, think it was gen 3.
I haven’t tried the purchase on a different wifi, i’ll try that now.