+DOVELOVE+ personal server world


Hi! This is +DOVELOVE+'s personal creativity server world with it’s own fun gameplay suitable for all ages. Server world has been honestly paid since the very beginning. Below are a list of +DOVELOVE+ preferences, do read before entering. Thank you! :slight_smile:

  • No Admins
  • No Hacks/Dupe
  • No Rude/Vulgarity Chats
  • No Complaints
  • Be Kind & Graceful
  • Be Calm & Patient
  • Be Of Good Cheer
  • And Enjoy!

Requirements :

  1. Good behavior & patience
  2. Good cheer

Link to server world : http://theblockheads.net/join.php?id=57cc6fa0729a4fd8611edb2e6cf16f96


people can change pictures, you just need the username!




I’d love to join :slight_smile:


I’ll like to join


pic: image but it’s zoomed in a bit


I can change my photo, but posting multiple times uninterupted within an hour isn’t allowed on the forums, here’s a thread about it and how to fix it:


But that’s not allowed for personal picture using for your profile pic


She means a photo that someone took that they own.

Is this a good photo? I took it myself.


Ohh okay then I’ll take my own pic too

Edit: Heres mine I took it myself while fishing in blockheads I hope this is okay cause I loved fishing


Is this good?


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 36 hours unless flagged)


Ign: .DARKHORSE. (with dots)


My ign is WOOHOOHAMING13 or -TheWooHooGamer-


can I use my dog as my pic?


So if I’m un cloudbanned I can’t join with an evil morty pfp?


this zoomed in on the flying blockhead?


What about animated animals


IGN: Santeeisweird9

Why does it have to be our own though?


IGN:@TZF (with the @)




Hardcore Disney fans: TRIGGERED