+DOVELOVE+ personal server world


its too late


So… we can’t get any picture owned from someone who isn’t us… :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s interesting.
makes doodle on paint an joins
Well. I would like to join but I’ll just use my doggo pic.


thicc doggo


The requirement of the picture has changed to only blockheads pictures as the first few whitelisted have all that.

  • Sante Between, good question! I will like to keep server world original. Since the first few entries has set the trend of blockheads photos, I have change to blockheads photos needed only. But it still has to be appropriate or acceptable.

  • TZX As you can see, this is reply to two different persons. Also, my first post too, but I will delete the other one replied to another person, so no worries. What do you mean strict rules? It is preference for the server world. If you wonder why picture is needed, well, the residential building has a place for each player’s pictures for recognizing which town they stay in so one will know where their mailbox is or others will know where others are. Since blockheads images are entered by starting few whitelisted, I change it all to that only.


@DOVELOVE you doubled posted
anyways why the strict rule?


zoomed in a little
Ign: Raymond5525


Okay, well I might use my silly unicorn pic. Probably. My IGN is Obito-wan


i changed mine, its original but i edited it


Uhh you aren’t supposed to inflate the doggo like a balloon


;-; what?


I’ll use my doggo then.


What have you been feeding your dog, cannonballs? I’m callin an animal shelter you ain’t gonna be inflating that poor doggo no more


Swarm him! image


I feel like if someone hugs the thicc doggo he’s gonna fart or something xD


Maybe you should put in a link. I can’t join even when I search it up with the plus sign with no spaces.


I think you broke the record for most edits on a post:



I’d be interested in joining, my IGN is lucycook

and my photo is my current forums one, although it may change now and again.


Try changing the search filter just set everything to “either”


The watch filter works by just showing up the newest server. PvP or not. Maybe @DOVELOVE could get a link.