+DOVELOVE+ personal server world


Where did this happen, please?


it was a port forwarding server


What’s a port forwarding server?


we did it when nobody was online except me and shah


It’s not a bug.


On Mac worlds, IGNs must be unique to the world, unlike the cloud, in which IGNs must be unique to the entire cloud.


Yes, thanks for the link.


Notice : Server World will be let rest soon. I will not be playing there until I credit it back. Do not revive the world as it will not be much playable without +DOVELOVE+ presence. Also, if it is credited back by me, I will reset every town and clear all residents. Thank you.

I am going to post further instructions here for
+DOVELOVE+ server world ((This is now an open server for public only when +DOVELOVE+ is online and not busy, otherwise it will be set private)) :

  • Playing As Guest
    Anyone is welcome to play as guest. Though you will not have the benefit of a resident, it is still possible to have fun and survive.

  • Playing As Resident
    If you are certain that you will play and take part in town quests, you can opt for resident. A home town apartment (shared or single) and a personal mailroom will be unlocked to you. Note that this is +DOVELOVE+'s personal creativity server world, hence there will be no given free plots for anyone to build.

  • Inactive Members
    Any residents found inactive shall be replaced by other potential residents opting members. And you shall play as Guest.

  • Mail Office : :dove:
    Dark Colored Golden Chest = Keeps
    White Golden Chest = Inbox
    Light Colored Golden Chest = Outbox

  • Jobs :
    For town quests or items you want to sell, place them in the Light Colored Golden Chest. Pay will be divided and distributed equally among all workers into the White Golden Chest with the total funds from all items collected when +DOVELOVE+ gets online to check.

  • Weekly Gift :
    Every week starting on May 2018, gifts will be given to all Towns’ residents in form of gravels. Use sluice machine to extract.

  • Town Quests :
    Complete all quests in your registered town together with your town’s members. Payments will still be distributed the same manner under Jobs. Town’s Gem will be displayed to rank town after quests completed as shown in picture. Ranking will affect upgrading of town’s facilities and give aways.

  • Give Aways :
    If give aways are displayed for you to choose, you are to pick only one. Colored wooden signs will be given to you in mailbox Dark Green Golden Chest (Keeps) . Place the colored wooden sign that represents the give away you want, into the Light Golden Chest (Outbox). And give away item will be given to you in White Golden Chest (Inbox).

  • Always :
    Help other newbies if they need especially when +DOVELOVE+ is not online, and you are free ingame.

:sunny: Updates on +DOVELOVE+ server world :

  • The second newly built town ((OCEAN TOWN)) is now open.

  • The third newly built town ((GOLDEN TOWN)) is now open.

For rules click here :

Any nice servers

ID Paintings in +DOVELOVE+ for grabs :



IGN: Adventurer Dee

Thanks in advance if you let me in ^*^


Mines correct


My username: Laughing Chair
Uhh, my pic was taken years ago, lost the file.


Quick question: is this a vanilla or custom server?


Custom, meditation is disabled.


Cool, thanks!


@DOVELOVE my ign is woahitsdannyboi2 and I was wondering if you could add me in! Thanks!


Some pictures of server world +DOVELOVE+ :
Entrance Portal

Greens Town

Ocean Town

Golden Town

For more details on server world click here :

For rules click here :


GOLDEN TOWN is now open!


Notice : Server World will be let rest soon. I will not be playing there until I credit it back. Do not revive the world as it will not be much playable without +DOVELOVE+ presence. Thank you.


Some hilarious moment ingame. Of all the colored donkeys they have survive well under my other server, but the black donkey always has a problem. The very first black donkey I achieved, I tried riding it to an enclosure set for all pet donkeys, but it dropped in a two wall high hole with a much deeper hole in the midst, having no choice but to unride it to close up the hole and break the wall, but it just walked into and fell down deep and died. Second time, a black donkey was accidentally killed by my blockhead, no idea how though. Now today I log in again and this is what happens to the lucky black donkey that finally became a pet with the other colors :

Yes, it just lay down there until it died. Coincidentally, I have to place dirt under feet of my building, so it was actually a block above the black donkey :open_mouth: