+DOVELOVE+ personal server world


Custom, meditation is disabled.


Cool, thanks!


@DOVELOVE my ign is woahitsdannyboi2 and I was wondering if you could add me in! Thanks!


Some pictures of server world +DOVELOVE+ :
Entrance Portal

Greens Town

Ocean Town

Golden Town

For more details on server world click here :

For rules click here :


GOLDEN TOWN is now open!


Notice : Server World will be let rest soon. I will not be playing there until I credit it back. Do not revive the world as it will not be much playable without +DOVELOVE+ presence. Thank you.


Some hilarious moment ingame. Of all the colored donkeys they have survive well under my other server, but the black donkey always has a problem. The very first black donkey I achieved, I tried riding it to an enclosure set for all pet donkeys, but it dropped in a two wall high hole with a much deeper hole in the midst, having no choice but to unride it to close up the hole and break the wall, but it just walked into and fell down deep and died. Second time, a black donkey was accidentally killed by my blockhead, no idea how though. Now today I log in again and this is what happens to the lucky black donkey that finally became a pet with the other colors :

Yes, it just lay down there until it died. Coincidentally, I have to place dirt under feet of my building, so it was actually a block above the black donkey :open_mouth:


I search your server but its nit comin


Not sure what you mean. This server world was out of credit the last time I played in. And i have not top up to keep it running since about a month ago.