Down to the wire

So recently i found the problem of running out of iron. This is very weird, due to the fact for the most part my house is 100% self sustainable, usually having chests of everything. But then one day i came to craft several cages and found my iron ore was getting dangerously depleted. Copper is easy to renew, due to being able to make it out of coins, same with gold and platinum. Tin isn’t bad, and you don’t need to use it that often. That really just leaves iron and steel. Hints for getting some? Thanks! (Also due to wifi i may not repond for about a day. Sorry)

If you have plenty of limestone, crush it at the press and turn it into pig iron using one crushed limestone and one iron ore at the electric furnace. Use the electric furnace again to turn it into an iron ingot. This will save two iron ore per ingot.


The secret to an abundant supply of iron ingots is to begin conserving as soon as possible. Using GGB’s methos above gives you one iron ingot for each ore. Learn to start seeing an ore block as three iron ingots, and the extra time involved becomes easier.

It goes without saying that you should mine iron ore with a gem pickaxe when possible. Using the last-tap method will reduce wear on the gem pickaxe. Don’t have a gem pickaxe? Use a magnet. You’ll get five ore per block. Again, see that as five iron ingots, and it seems less of a pain.

As always, sluicing is also an option. Statistical samples say that sluicing should produce iron ore ~20-25% of the time.


50% pig skin and 50% iron.


It would be a dangerous game if that were made into a football.


What type of world is this? I’m assuming it’s Customized otherwise you would have an infinite supply of Iron from other worlds by using a Portal Chest to bring it in.

Even if it’s customized, I find it very unusual that you have stripped the world if Iron. I have never done that, ever. But, I could see it happening on a 1/16x world.


  1. Trade Portal?
  2. Iron Dodo’s?
  3. Meditation?

And of course Joe’s and GGB’s suggestions above for making the most out of each block of Iron Ore that you do find - and using the electric sluice.

Oh btw, A gold Pickaxe or Spade used on Stone can yield Iron Ingots and other valuable stuff.


vanilla. Trade portal i could, but my world is really 100% self sustaining, and i want a long term solution.
meditation is the one i do, but i need a lot of iron.
I think iron dodos might work the best for me, as apples are renewable.
Lastly, unless i were to go on a massive search for a cave halfway across the world, i have really completely striped the entire world of iron. (i did a lot of sealing steel early game, and now i don’t have enough.)

What do you mean when you say 100% self sustaining?

After 4 years of work, I have gotten to the point where I have everybody material that exists in any amont I need, sometime soon even too much. For example, if I need to use up hundreds of apples, I plant some more trees, and gather enough from my already existing storages to have the same amount as before. I don’t need to gather anything from the earth, I have enough already. The only problem is my iron storages have been running pretty low, making me rely on my trade portal, which I never do.


Lots of iron dodos, since they, like apples, are renewable. Get some tamed, and let them multiply.


I think that is the solution here. Still, I’m surprised no one mentioned making iron ore in the electric press. Still, this method costs black sand, another finite resource


Judging by the zoomed out picture of the caves in your other thread (I assume it is the same world) it looks like you have only explored a few caves close to your home. You can discover many more caves and mine a lot of iron ore. Also ores are not limited to caves, often they are enclosed in solid rock. Dig shafts and tunnels between the caves to find more ores.


What do you mean?

I had initially made a comment then realized I was incorrect.

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The word “redacted” was the first word that came to mind, so I edited the post, removed my previous comment, and typed “redacted” in its place.

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[quote=“Skeeve, post:6, topic:76940”]
Even if it’s customized, I find it very unusual that you have stripped the world if Iron. I have never done that, ever. But, I could see it happening on a 1/16x world.

I completely strip mined out a 1/16 SP. I worked it on a 9x9 grid system: placing torches every ninth block spacing.
I recently forgot my phone was in my pocket when I went swimming…
wish I had made it a server instead so as to show it off more than in the pic I uploaded to forums, as well as to still have my perfected farming systems, etc.


That is extremely impressive. 1/16x may be small, but it still has about one million squares, probably around a half million of minable blocks.

I never had the patience to do something like that.
:thinking:But for some reason, I have the patience for making circumnavigating railroads :thinking:. :joy:.


Wow! That’s awesome. You should do hard drive backups if you’re making that kind of effort in your SP worlds. If you’re an Apple user do an encrypted back up to your computer’s hard drive with iTunes to save SP worlds, PC inventory, and TCs :slight_smile:

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I wish I had backed up to my PC via iTunes. I’ll be doing so in the future. Two SP worlds lost and the Time Crystals on my now defunct, waterlogged old device :sob::joy::disappointed:

It was reading the forums and learning from your and @Ronnie ‘s styles of mining and inventory systems that inspired me.

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