Dragging threads off-topic

Could you please not interrogate like this? Setting an avatar is actually a common way to demonstrate that the rules are read. Over the past seven years I have read thousands of WMs, and it’s just one of the standard methods.


I was just asking a question so I could relay it here.

Next time use the questions forum to get the information you want, and if it’s to answer an existing question in the questions forum, as it is in this case, then wait for someone who knows to respond. You drag threads off-topic and irritate with this kind of posting, and it’s not actually helpful.


Okay, I’m not welcome here then. I get it, I’ll leave this topic, sorry.

That’s a major leap in logic.

Oh, was there absolutely no logic beforehand? I’m a little confused by what you mean.

Me telling you that a particular behaviour is not appropriate or welcome in general, and you take that as being unwelcome in one thread. Really, I can’t imagine how you got that from my posts.

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Oh, okay. So this is about a particular behavior? Never mind then. I’ll stop.

Yep. This post explains this:

What’s with the forums right now? Pretty much everything is getting flagged. The amount of arguing, and someone gets suspended.


You came back right after everything settled. Maybe somebody else can get you up to speed on what happened? You deserve to know. :slight_smile:

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