Dragon / New Mobs Suggestions #2

Ay, sorry I haven’t posted many topics lately, just had some “inventor’s block”

But I decided to continue this series because the last one I uploaded was July 10th. Sheesh

Along with that I actually got a decent idea with me, so hold tight

My second idea (within the span of nearly two months :neutral_face:) is a dragon.

The dragon would spawn in the sky islands (in my ever possible goal of making sky islands a dangerous place), and occasionally could be found resting on an island, if not flying.

The dragon itself would be a pale white and their eyes would be a blood red. They’d also, like sharks, be able to grow. Minimum length would be 2 blocks across, and the maximum would be 5 blocks across. The ratio would be 2/1 (Length/Height). The body would usually take up 1-2.5, depending on the length. (That’s about all I have. I know that it isn’t much, but this is a very rough idea.)

The most exciting part of this mob is its attack.

The mob would have a melee and ranged attack.
The melee attack would be with the dragon’s claws. If you get too close (e.g. You’re attacking it with a sword), the dragon will swipe at you with its front claws.
The ranged attack would be with the dragon’s fire. It’d spit out a slew of purple fire, and can set all placed blocks ablaze. Placed blocks are obviously anything your Blockheads have placed. Things like unmined stone, unmined marble, etc won’t be set on fire. When a block is on fire, it’ll have the same model as normal fire, except that it’ll be purple. With each spew, the dragon can set 3 placed blocks (that are all next to each other) on fire.

Again, this is a really rough idea, so don’t critique it like it’s an official update.

The dragon would make sky islands perilous and add more action to a dormant area, which is something I’d like to see.

That’s about it, bye :wave:


It seems alright, I guess. But then would a dragon spawn on all sky islands or only on some of them? It would be better if it could spawn only on gem tree islands or something like that, as if it’s guarding the gem tree. It would look cooler too.

Secondly, white seems too boring for the colour of its body. Black maybe, or even dark blue or dark grey would be much better.

Thirdly, I don’t really like the “can set all placed blocks on fire” thing. It sounds a lot like the Wither in Minecraft (which can break almost every block there is in the game), and Minecraft players would know how difficult it is to battle a Wither.

Also, the idea of a block like steel or titanium being set on fire doesn’t really fit into my head somehow. I’m pretty sure they would require thousands of degrees of temperature to actually burn, if they burn at all.


How about white, tiny, fluffy cute dragons with rainbow wings, and their Favourite food is strawberries and clouds


I didn’t take it as a joke. I just sometimes wished people would appreciate more lighter, more kiddy& cute stuff than violent things like fire-spitting dragons, guns, melees, rockets etc… :confused: but of course I am not against that

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They should match the tree they are guarding!


Seems a little strange…I’m a big dragon fan, but I also imagine dragons being really big. Which would be weird. I mean, none of the mobs are that huge, are they? The biggest are cave trolls (for land) and sharks…

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None of the mobs are really big at the moment. It would be nice to have a big hostile mob.

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Seems a bit much to me, in my personal opinion. I wonder if you could keep multiple dragons as pets like trolls? Or, considering their size…the lag…

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Dragons are like cave trolls, and there are a limited number.

An dragon spawns on it’s own sky island (maybe red marble instead of marble), and attacks by flying at you and hitting, like a shark does, but even faster

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More Ideas

First Group of Ideas

Maybe when they are lying down and resting, the will curl around the bottom of the gem tree of its gem tree island where it spawned (one for every gem tree island) with a rather nice little animation when it lies down to sleep. If a player comes within 20 blocks in any direction, it will wake up and start flying in a circle around the tree until the player comes ten blocks within range. It will start attacking if the player does not leave to 15 blocks or more away from it in 4 seconds. It will play sounds for the going-to-sleep animation, the waking animation, for flying, and for attacking.

The Type of Dragon

Another factor that plays in the size of the dragon, the damage it can deal, and the color (including the fire’s color) also varies according to the kind of tree* it spawns of. For example, a ruby dragon would be larger than an amethyst dragon, deal more damage, and have red fire (the fire would be of more reddish color than of regular color of fire. The color of the fire would effect the color of the fire on a block. If another dragon of another color lights the same blocks, it will not mix. The second dragon’s fire will be shown instead). Killing the dragon will provide you either five diamonds, seven rubies, &c., adding two for every lower level. If shot with a bow from eleven blocks away or further, they will immediately start attacking, even though you are not within range, or else that would be totally not right, because it would be too easy. They will rest at midday and at night.

At the Stroke of Twelve

At midnight they awake, with every one of their positive attributes doubled (e.g. the detection range will be forty instead of twenty), and glowing brightly, somewhat like a chandelier. At this time, if they are killed, they will give twice as many gems.


Two in-game days after they are killed, an animation will play (I haven’t come up with it yet), showing a new baby dragon.
They can also respawn by reproducing. If the dragon nears the end of its life, it will lay an egg that requires five days to hatch. The dragon cannot be respawned if its tree is cut down. See below

Life Force

The dragons cannot survive if their tree is cut down. The dragon can be immediately killed by doing this, and will not respawn if this is done. Coming within three blocks near the tree will provoke the dragon, doubling the damage it can deal (yeah… Midnight can be really dangerous at this point See two above).

Taming (I came up with this because of the comment by @kaypoppy)


By feeding the dragon it corresponding gem, you can tame it. The amount of gems needed varies, although the range increases for the higher level of dragon, the minimum added by one for every level, and the maximum by two. For example, the minimum of an amethyst dragon is five, it’s maximum being ten, whereas a sapphire’s minimum is six, and its maximum is twelve. I would think you would ride on the dragons neck (the four lower levels can only have one passenger, but the diamond’s bonus is two passengers. The tamer is the only one who can ride them, but after the tamer is upon the diamond, somebody else can get on the back. A dragon saddle is required for the tamer to ride, but a dragon chair is required for the passenger. The dragon will act mostly like the jetpack, although when you attack somebody, the dragon can attack. Wild dragons have 500 hp, tamed have 700 hp. After taming a dragon, it will show up as a blockhead on your screen, although it cannot be controlled like one. If you have your blockhead as the dragon, there will be no inventory, but there is a “Call dragon” button. If pressed, you only have to tap on the blockhead that you want it to report to (from its screen). A tamed dragon has no life force. After tamed, its spawn island will recognize the dragon as killed, and start the spawn process, taking only one day though, to make another dragon. If riding the dragon and you come within the detection range of the same type of dragon, it will not attack. If you dismount and the tamed dragon leaves the detection range of the aforementioned** dragon, it will attack.

*Shariu’s idea for the dragon’s color.
**Sorry if I bored you with this word.
Not all of these ideas need to be included.
(You also don’t have to read the entire comment, including this sentence)
Note: tamed dragons do not retain the midnight thingy.


Lol your idea is better than mine, you should post yours :smiley:

It basically just refines ideas made by others and adds ideas. I just made a fine draft of your rough draft (that wasn’t meant to sound poetic).

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lol no offense, but it really didn’t sound poetic at all

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Awwww I’m honoured :hugs::hugs:

After reading your post, I thought I might add an idea for those who might want something more… cute and cuddly (but after all, I still am a little biased, so I added being able to attack with dragons :joy:).

It didn’t sound poetic? I thought it kinda did.

Another thing: status effects would be cool. Really cool.
Like amethyst dragons could have no status effect that it could cast, sapphire dragons would give the “freezing***” status effect, emerald would be poison, ruby would be “lava***,” and diamond… I don’t know. After taming, status effects can be used as an attack, although only lasting fifteen-thirty seconds, and they would have a cooldown (maybe a positive effect for the dragon and player) (dragons cannot receive any of these effects) (does not effect passenger).
***These two “status effects” are already in the game. for example, being at the North Pole with no fur coat or boots on can give you the freezing effect, and being at the bottom of the world gives the burning effect (as do chilies).