Dragons mob

I have new ideas for dragons.

The dragons I think of are called the titanium dragon and the platinum dragon. They spawn 30 blocks to 40 blocks above lava, inside caves. They spawn on a special stone that looks like a portal base, but made out of titanium and platinum instead of stone. Below the spawning stone is a huge pile of titanium or platinum ore, making this dragon’s lair very valuable. The dragons also spawn with a portal chest or a trade portal between levels 2 and 4.

Both dragons have a detection range of 20 blocks, and are immune to everything except melee attacks. The platinum dragon breathes gas that drains your character’s energy as fast as a jacuzzi heals you, so you have to bring lots of coffee. The titanium dragon can fling you around using powerful wind blasts, so you need to bring a jet pack. But it also makes your jet pack fuel drain quickly. The dragons will only wander 20 block away from their nests.

Taming these dragons is very difficult. The titanium dragon is tamed using titanium ore, but you need to wear full titanium armor, or else it won’t accept. It takes 9 feeding to tame one. It gets hungry twice a day. The platinum dragon is tamed using platinum coins. It takes 25 feeding to tame the one, and it only gets hungry once every three days. But once you’ve tamed them, they can be packed into a special golden dragon cage. If you free them on the surface, you can ride them around using a dragon saddle. They both can have two passengers.

The platinum dragon is light purple and glows, and the titanium dragon has the texture of mined stone, with titanium armor. Both dragons have a ridiculous size of 7 blocks (no variation), and are 3 blocks tall. When the platinum dragon uses its sleeping gas attack, it lifts up its head, air particals fly into the nose, and it lets out a deadly light purple fog. When the titanium dragon uses its air attack, it will open its mouth, and a white vortex will quickly form in between the fangs. Then the vortex will get shot out at the character. Also, when you have a jet pack equipped and you get detected by the titanium dragon, drops of fuel will come out of your character and get pulled in by the titanium dragon, showing the fuel drain. When the platinum dragon gets killed, it turns upward and disappears in light. When the titanium dragon get’s killed, the screen trembles and it sinks into the ground, releasing a cloud of smoke.

And there’s the carbon dragon.

They live on the lava, making it very dangerous to even go near their habitat. They spawn on a pile of “carbon dust” which drops 5 coal and 5 oil when broken. There’s a layer of mined stone underneath to catch the items when it breaks. A trade portal between levels 3 and 5 and a portal chest spawns in their cave.

They have a detection range of 10 blocks, forcing you to get dangerously close to the lava to fight them. They can drain the air meter super fast, so you have to eat kelp every two seconds to survive. They’re immune to anything except melee attacks.

You can’t tame them, but if you want to keep one captive, you have to dig a tunnel all the way to your base and lead it there while avoiding its attacks.

They have the texture of carbon fiber and coal, with four jetpack thrusters under its wings. They are massive at a size of 10 blocks wide and 5 blocks tall (No variation). Their attacks poof out a cloud of back smoke that lingers for a few seconds, with squirts of black fog coming off the top that resemble the jets of steam from a jacuzzi. If it’s not attacking, it’llfor a cloud of black smoke around it’s body, making it invincible. When it dies, a aura begins to spread around it, like the ones torches give off. It gets brighter and bigger, until it reduces vision by 50%.As this happens, the dragon begins to disappear like a block being mined. Whenever one of its pixels vanishes, it’s replaced with a lava pixel. Once it completely turns into lava, it dies, releasing one last cloud of smoke.


What if you use water to traverse over their habitat?

They can’t drown, and it would make you lose oxygen even faster.