Drain blocks


It’s a physical block that can be walked on but allows water to pass through, it could copy textures from adjacent blocks like trapdoors and should be crafted at metalwork bench.

Indoor Plumbing System
Add a Shower Block

That’s an interesting one. But other than auto clean up, I don’t see it being used to often.

Maybe can be used on servers where water trolling can happen. Happened a couple times on my friends server


Great idea! It would be really useful for preventing water trolling, draining oceans, draining wet areas etc.


Would it suck up the water? Or move it into another space, below.


Move the water below


How interesting would it be to have the drain block made from a chest you fill with buckets. Or not. Drainingbis just fine.


Sorry for inactivity but maybe like 5 iron ingots and 2 buckets


Good idea.