Dropbear dies when tree dies


I had a tamed dropbear (my first tamed animal!) but then, as I went to craft a cage, the tree it was on started dying (no compost, not chopped down, no one destroyed it in any way) and the dropbear disappeared with the tree! The dropbear was just fed and I expected it would fall onto the ground. I did testing and it happened with untamed ones too. I feel so sad I lost my first tamed animal… and they take so long to tame…


I don’t believe this is a bug as it does happen, though it would be great if there was a rework on the dropbear behaviour after a tree would die


Yeah, this may be a bug.


So they actually disappear and don’t die and drop fur? That would definitely be a bug. They should fall to the ground and then scurry to the next tree.


@W.S.Brownies they didn’t have behaviour. They died
@jemnidad Yes they die and don’t have drops.


I noticed that the dropbears would disappear if you killed the tree by removing the dirt or compost before the 1.7 update. It was an attack strategy that was used on Basileus 2.0 to get around dropbear defense forests.


I’m kind of surprised this wasn’t super common knowledge. I always do this for the first 50 surrounding blocks on each side on sp before they can spawn and begin to attack.


@Shariu @Testif the trees were not touched I need any way. They died of old age


Which they also do.
When trees die the drop bears are removed.
I also noticed a few things about them that make you able to take advantage of them


I think it was not shared on purpose so that the advantage wasn’t lost for teams that knew.


You have to keep it or else it gone


@linda no that’s not what I mean. I mean when it goes off the tree It dies.
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When I tamed I quickly cage them inside then I use composed to plant the tree and I un-cage the bear***