Does anyone have tips on how to get dropbears? I placed some trees that give pine cones, but they aren’t spawning


Make sure the trees are taller than 7 blocks. Also, try placing heat sources (fires — be careful not to burn it — kilns, steam generators, etc.) and light sources nearby. :slight_smile:


Make sure that the pine trees are in a place without back wall.


Can’t they spawn with a backwall?


They used to. They can’t anymore.


I wish they still did. :frowning:


Because of this, Survival of Time no longer works.

So yeah, I wish they did too.


one time i tried making a giant tree with growing multiple trees and there was a heck ton of dropbears, THEY WERE LIKE GIANT DARK PLUMBS


Find a superlarge pine tree to hunt for a dropbear