Dropped Items: Unusually Large Size

Okay. Here goes again.

The other day, I was on a server and I watched as a person dropped a few handcarts. The unusual thing was that one of the handcarts looked enormous. (Not all of them). I wasn’t sure what that was about. Thought it was just a random visual glitch… maybe on my end with lag or something (wasn’t experiencing lag issues… but who knows, right?)

Then, went to my server and was purchasing some things in a trade portal. Items dropped (coins, pigment) and it happened again. Gigantic Items. They were absolutely normal when I picked them up. Didn’t try to re-drop them. Should have done that to see if it was big or small.

Thought I’d mention it.


I think it’s actually a handcart that are placed on the rail…

Are you talking about the one that’s placed down already?

Well yeah but according to the thread,it was not placed but rather,dropped.At least that’s what I think.

This sounds like a reboot is needed. Graphical artifacts that aren’t caused by damaged data tend to be because a reboot is needed.

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These are just the HOULS (Handcars of Unusually Large Size) from the Fire Swamp. RUN AWAY!!


So wait, you’re saying the small one was dropped first. Then someone else didn’t place the handcar it just seemed to drop like an item? If so, how do you know the big one wasn’t placed? Maybe the placing animation didn’t occur on your screen. Did you pick both up? If you’re an admin you can see the remove/ride option, so that helps.