Dual wielding and attack cast time

Here’s an idea- dual wield weapons!

Dual wielding lets you hold two weapons at once, for a trade off of slower cast time. This would allow blockheads to do 2x damage but have to time their attacks better. It’s a step forward in “more skill more reward” for the Blockheads.

This can be compared to Clash of Clan’s “gearing up” which has worked fantastically for the game.

Cast time is a hidden feature that isn’t highly noticeable. Cast time is utilizing animations to take more time to attack. For example, dual wielding iron swords will make your blockhead hold the sword in the air for a second before bringing it down to the enemy.

Bows can not be dual wielded because, well, you can’t draw two bows at the same time. Coffee does not make dual wielding attacks faster.

What do you think?


This is an awesome idea! Could we hold a sword and bow at the same time tho?

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Probably not @EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ because you still need two hands to draw a bow back and if you’re holding a sword in one hand that wouldn’t really work.

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Remember again that this is the blockheads we talking about. Not real life

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True, but that still seems a bit unrealistic, even for a block game.

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Dodos are unrealistic to block games. Along with cave trolls and titanium?

Could you dual wield a titanium sword and a bronze/iron sword?

@EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ titanium is real, it can’t be unrealistic. And same for dodos

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No but they are things you don’t see in a game as often.
Tell me another game that has Dodos in it…

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Reminds me of Minecraft, but that doesn’t stop me from tapping the like button! :wink:


Doesn’t ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED have dodos?

duel wielding seems too overpowered for online mode as I get spawn killed by a single titanium sword. 2 would be over kill.

Dual wielding? Hmmm… 2 hours later
¡Starbust Stream!
-Beats a Cave Troll

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Thanks for the replies.
@EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ No, you can’t draw a bow with a sword in your other hand.
@Temmonade Dual wielding takes a longer animation, meaning you can escape it. It has a longer TTK than one handed. In theory, you would need more skill to actually be more effective with a dual wield.

:man_facepalming: How did I miss that?!
Anyways yes, you can mix and match between swords, axes, shovels, etc. Anything melee can be used for a dual wield.

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Dual wielding would be a bit extreme, I think pvp need to be update since it’s a bit dull having to do the “how got the most good” duel.

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