Dumb Ways to Die


Set fire to your hair (made possible with embers)
Poke a stick at a dropbear(what is that black thing)
Eat a bunch of coffee (or chili peppers)
Go into shark infested waters

Those are only four out of infinity ways to die. Think of the most creative way to die.

Go downhill in a handcar in a track in the air. Then notice when the track ends and try to move the other way. Your efforts are futile.

Remove a jetpack in the air.

That’s all I can think of.


Technically not infinity, but there is a great amount,


You get what I mean.


1: You grow a massive forest around yourself to protect yourself, and in order to save an invader form death you run out to save them but get killed by drop bears in the forest.

2: You make a railroad almost across the whole world but ends at an ocean, thing is, you forgot that ocean had no station and that said ocean has sharks.


-Stick a sword/spear/shark/… on your head.
-Mistake embers with apples/tomatoes.
-Hug a cave troll.