Dwindling servers


Idk, but in 2016-2017, most servers get to 16 players. But servers now mostly get to 12(dats what I saw)

Why many players left the game?
And why are there so many empty worlds?
The game is a bit desolate now :confused:


Many people left becaus their parents banned them from making servers, they go play Fortnite, and/or rate the game so badly.


Because the game is really boring for a lot of people and some people have grown up and realized playing the game is a waste of time and considering you need to pay real money for servers and need to discover everything in tp i can see them being more reasons for not playing


Because 1.7


In my experience, 2016-2017 contained some of the most diluted player concentration on servers ever. This was because time crystals were easily available and anyone could make their own server, which often happened. With 25% of the population owning their own server, there’s only another 75% to play - which doesn’t seem too bad, but that means on average, a world would have no more than 4 players.

Also, games thrive on updates. It pushes them back into the spotlight because it’s new. When updates are infrequent, games don’t get as much attention and thus don’t draw in as many new players. There are always people leaving the game, and it may be (though I don’t know, just posing a possibility) that at this point more players are leaving the game than downloading it for the first time.


Because 1.7


In some way, yes.

  • Those who were pirating time crystals and using them to “pay for” (steal) cloud hosted worlds left.
  • Those who were using cloud hosting to engage in inappropriate activities left, because it’s not as much fun to have your world locked when you haven’t stolen the hosting.
  • We also lost players who didn’t like the game changes, but they’re in the minority. The first two are the vast majority.

Most of those empty worlds were created using pirated TCs, so their owners left the game once we stopped them from using pirated TCs to maintain them.

The game is still active, but with a much higher standard of world, and fewer people. The loss of the problem players has actually kept the online part of the game viable.


I have read about a comment in one of the threads saying that making a server using money is cheaper than using time crystals.


You forgot to mention those who find it no fun to play any longer on laggy and glitchy server worlds with hardly any hope to get things fixed…


No, I consider them to be those who don’t like the gameplay changes.


There is horrible lag on developed servers - much worse than before the update. I can hardly ever jump or only scroll to a place - it just won’t load for ages. I often can’t travel into undiscovered land at anything faster than walking space - otherwise the fog won’t be cleared. Unless I place an item like a lantern or something - but that is annoying and even impossible in an ocean. I can hardly use fast forward - it will either throw me out of the server or never stop to be in fast forward mode even after I wake up a BH. If I zoom out quickly there is a good chance of being thrown out of the game. Same when I look at large dodo farms.
BH keeps dieing from falling when having queued picking up ladders or chopping a pine tree from top to bottom. And there is much more, all brought to us by the 1.7 update.

You can’t really consider these “gameplay changes”, can you?

For the record: I appreciate most gameplay changes. Just not dodo breeding - but that’s no reason to complain or stop playing. The performance issues are.
In the past Dave also mentioned that those who point out the flaws of the update just can’t take changes. This is too simplistic a point of view and insulting.


These, along with the frequent disconnects, fall much more into the “bug” category than “gameplay change” in my book. I LOVE expert mode, and unicorns, and dodos, and gem blocks. And I don’t mind the discovery aspect of trade portals, since I always found them overpowered and game altering. But the bugs that make you lose your unicorns, and dodos, and prevent you from moving/building are exasperating.


Good grief! Okay, I will edit the post for semantics.


Milla, I am not looking for an argument, but seriously, the problem is not semantics, but performance.
Does MJ actually not acknowledge there are serious issues on cloud servers since the update?


I was responding to Jemnidad.

Yes, we do. We’ve been trying to find out what change caused them. So far no joy.