Easiest Donkey Breeding Guide

Sorry Oreo, I must share my findings!

In case anyone was worried about my situation I think I’ve figured it out already, basically just put two of the same color donkey in between two fences, really at least one of them should be tamed (further testing needed to prove the relevance of taming in the breeding process) I personally left two blocks of space in between the fences and placed a campfire, maybe it helps who knows. Anyway, meditate and zoom the camera away from the action, no joke well yeah but actually do it it seems to help, and wait to hear the baby donkey sound. Kill the baby until a new color is produced. :sob: u have to! There’s a chance that you will get the previous color in the chain, the same color as the parents, or the new color.
If you only have one donkey, it will produce a baby by itself… somehow, but it could be either the previous color in the chain, or the same as the parent.


Wow, this just in, asexual reproduction of mammals now possible in blockheads!


I think it also happened before 1.7. :stuck_out_tongue:

An update: single donkeys can produce the next color in the chain, without the need of a partner


Nice discovery!

They can also spawn an offspring of the previous colour so there are three colour possibilities an offspring could be.


Animals spawned offsprings since as far ago I can remember… It’s just now that the animal breeding came people say you need two. Yeah, two have a better chance of spawning offsprings, but so do three, four, or any greater amount, I think. Please correct me if I am wrong.

From what I’ve seen, it is extremely rare that a single donkey produces an offspring of the next color, and the direct offspring doesn’t mate with the mother… it’s weird to talk about this lol… but the offspring of the offspring will. Also, the combination of colors is what leads you to the different “races” otherwise it would be almost impossible to reach the unicorn stage starting with a single grey donkey, since they almost always give birth to the same color as them.

Who needs tulip breeding when you can breed colored donkeys!

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I have made a new discovery in my research:

Donkeys officially don’t need to be tamed to produce the next color in the chain.


a watched pot never boils


I actually thought for a second that your character was naked.

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How to i make colorful donkeys?? I already have like black, brown, Regular Color… I just need to know how to make red, orange, yellow and stuff because I want to make a unicorn!!! :smiley:

Single player world,
Tamed donkeys,

Breed the black ones. They make blue. Blue makes green, green makes yellow and so on till you finally get rainbow donkeys which produces a unicorn that you have to feed rainbow cakes.

YEAH basically just put a black donkey between two fences and meditate for a really long time, or it could be short it’s random,you don’t even need two donkeys, and the donkey doesn’t even need to be tamed, but if you don’t feed it and it’s not tamed then there’s a chance that it’ll die on you, so yeah just wait until a blue donkey spawns and wash and repeat.


I watched mine. Doesn’t seem to affect the rate of offspring production. I have noticed that they seem to slow down is they are overcrowded or hungry.

Well its been like 5ish days wehile I was meditating and no horses came out of black. They are on grass, being fed by feeders, and in a 4 space area :frowning: do I need a campfire? And tame them?

Nope, you don’t. Unfortunately, sometimes it just takes really, really long. For one of the colors I meditated for like 20 in game days…

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Uhm I have red through pink (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and all the other regular colors too) but the pink aren’t doing ANYTHING. like after 10000 days! Am I suppose do to do something to the pink ones?

(Donkeys )

Just keep trying to put the pink ones together and eventually a white donkey will spawn. After the white donkey, you’ll get the rainbow donkey, then the grey unicorn!

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Ins there anything after the grey unicorn? If so how do I get it ;0;