Easily removing Stone backwall


Okay so, long story-short, building underground room, many stone backwall, difficult time removing it since I have less time doing it (I can only play during weekends). A tool could be nice. But not the ordinary pick axe. A new tool that can help thousands of frustrated games. A new tool that ca- okay going a bit too far… Anyways yes, it could help a lot. Peace :slight_smile:


What kind of tool?


@PaintMerchant there already is a way to remove stone backwall


It isn’t very convenient though.


They’re recommending a tool that does this, not a method for it in general.

I’d recomend a drill or something as drills are good for digging up stone and such in real life.


How do you remove the stone back wall !!?


My brain thought of a chisel Owo


The reason it isn’t easy is because the developer doesn’t want it to be abused. If Dave added a way to remove backwall with a tool, then it renders all light sources pointless when mining.


Exactly. Back wall removal is how it is for balance.


If that’s the case, only allowing it in custom or making it very hard to craft would be something to consider


How about 200 titanium blocks


Haha. How about this: you need a grip of reality to craft this :joy:


Maybe backwall would be greater as a wall until another block is placed, for example.

Stone backwall let’s in no light, and if you place a wood block down, it’ll act like there’s air there. Allowing for new walls underground, while keeping light as a problem.