Easy Game Protection Guide

Have you ever lost your worlds? Has a griefer destroyed your land? Have you ever wanted to move your Blockhead game to another device?
Here is the new guide to answer all of that.
The answer is ifunbox

To Back Up Your Beloved Worlds:

  1. Download ifunbox to your computer
  2. Once the program is set up, plug in your device that has the world.
  3. Go to User Applications
  4. Go to Blockheads
  5. Go to Library
  6. Go to Application Support
  7. Go to Saves
  8. Now go into the saves folder and using the program (once you have the program you will understand) copy all your saves to your computer. Put those saves in a folder to be tidy.
    Now you have them backed up.
    Note Must do this every time you have made new progress. Just delete the old folder first and copy the new saves to a folder on your computer.

To Retrieve Your Backed Up World:(when those griefers attack)
Must have already done the above steps

  1. Plug in the device and make sure Blockheads has been exited completely
  2. Delete the saves that are on the ifunbox after going to your Blockhead saves
  3. Copy that folder’s (I told you to have saved on your computer) contents back to the saves folder on ifunbox.
    You must copy each one individually back, no whole folders!!! You can quickly do this by selecting all the saves when prompted to copy
  4. Open blockheads on your device
    If this does not work, tell me

To Convert Saves to New Device:
Pretty much the same as the above steps
After having already put the saves in a folder on your computer, plug in the new device to ifunbox. Now follow the above steps.

If you have any problems, just leave a comment. i will try to help you through it.
If anyone has a different way, please post it below so all the different ways can be easily accessed.

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Hey cool! Somebody else uses this! To be safe, I just copy both the documents and library folders.

Can someone try this to make sure it worked for them?
And can someone sticky this thread?
I have been getting a lot of PM asking me to help them, and I have seen a few threads asking for help. It would be nice to just have this handy for them. I keep having to copy and paste the link.

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What about iPad minis

Does it not support iPad mini? It should support every device that runs iOS and can run the the Blockheads. You are still able to find the save files in the following directory using ifunbox:
User Applications\Blockheads\Library\Application Support\Saves

yup, i have done it on all devices

I did this with iExplorer Demo to transfer my saves to my iPhone 5 from a 4 and it worked except for the one and only save I actually wanted transferred, and i cant seem to figure out why, should i have used ifunbox or does that not matter, please help

Edit: Never mind I figured it out, apparently iExporer didnt deem it necessary to move [U]all[/U] of the files

Well I have no experience with iExplorer, however, I had the same problem when I was first figuring out iFunbox (that is why I made this, so no one would make the mistakes I did)
You should maybe delete all the files you saved from that to your computer and try again from scratch. But, again, I am not familiar with iExplorer.

Okay ill try again, because i just found out that none of the world files saved either so… the world is untouched, i really dont get why it didnt move all the files but ill try again.


How to use an un-usa apple-ID?

An it dosen´t understand that i have installed Itunes?

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this on an android phone?

The automatic reply from Android support includes this:

[FONT=Helvetica Neue]Android - If you need to transfer data to a new phone or back up existing game data, here are some useful links:[/FONT]

[li] How to back up your Save Game on Android[/li]> [li] http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/feature.asp?t=how_to&c=48351[/li]> [/ul]

[li] How to Sync Game Progress, App Data and Specific Folders Between Android Devices[/li]> [li] http://www.guidingtech.com/19366/sync-game-progress-app-data-android/[/li]> [/ul]

[li] MOVING GAME DATA BETWEEN TWO ANDROID PHONES[/li]> [li] http://christianheilmann.com/2012/07/02/moving-game-data-between-two-android-phones-cut-the-rope-temple-run/[/li]> [/ul]