Edit:tldr title, found possible Android bug fixes, can I share tweaked blockheads apk that fixes bugs

This is more of a question to an admin,but anyways I think I have found something to get past those two things and it will take some more time to fully figure out them both but would it be allowed if I share the method on how to do it/a tweaked apk that fixes it?

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Just in case it can be abused, I would recommend privately sharing it with Milla.

I don’t have it completely finished but when I do I might just do that. Thanks

First update: found that my tweak kind of breaks the welcome message, (it makes it not even appear)
And as for the white screen, it happens some times and sometimes not with the tweak now, I’ve tried this on two phones.
So won’t be releasing the tweak as of today unless I can find a better solution. As for now I’ve found two fixes that doesn’t require anything.

1:when at white screen exit blockheads using home button then get on another app then return.(someone found this out besides me.)
2: if you have gestures on you phone, when joining a server, spam back button gesture and then stop when the welcome message turns clear.

Not enough information. Which bugs? Which build have you modified?

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Sorry, I do not check forums frequently anymore, and as of the bugs I fixed, they are
1 white screen bug,
2 welcome message bug.
The build is 1.7.6 I believe, the Android one.
And while I was doing the welcome message one, it was more of a workaround and it now just doesn’t show welcome message,so the only bug I can find a definite fix is white screen. But it will take more time to fully fix and find any better alternatives to fixing the white screen one because as of now it makes the white screen persist for 10 secs then flash if that makes sense

Update: I have found a way to get past the welcome message glitch. You will need to enable gestures in Android 10-11 and make the gestures invisible, now join a world, and right before the welcome message shows up, swipe up on back gesture four, or five times depending on your phone. (Make sure the wm Did NOT show up before you started doing the back gesture.
This doesn’t require a modified apk, but enable of gestures sacrifices your on screen buttons.
This works better then pressing visible gesture aka your back button.

Update on the modified apk: Thr gestures fix was way better than my modified apk since with the modify you would experience random crashing on joining worlds.

how do people read the welcome message and get a starter if there’s a passcode?

Well, it’s either not being able to view wm or not playing online at all. But you can also let the wm show up and read it then reenter the game after it crashes and do the gesture I suppose.

It’s beyond frustrating if a game has bugs and crashes, the majority of the players just delete it…

I don’t think many blockheads actually play on Android unless the bugs are officially fixed once and for all.

any chance I can find that APK?

Hello I was on hiatus, I stopped making the apk (I don’t even use the phone or have the modified apk anymore)as I couldn’t fix it and when I did one thing the other would break. So just download blockheads 1.7.6, use gestures if on Android 11, and spam back button gesture when wm is about to show up/turn clear