Editing welcome message button glitch

On my server that I own, recently I have noticed that when I try to work on my welcome message and press the editing button for it, it shows that I pressed it but it never goes to my welcome message.
On other servers I always make my blockhead first then I read the welcome message (I’m used to doing that) but when I try to view the welcome message sometimes it doesn’t let me see it so then I have to join the server again and read it.
This happens every one and awhile, maybe 3 times every 2 hours. It started happening maybe 3 days ago. I don’t really care for when it happens on my server anymore because I finished making my welcome message, but when I join other servers and it doesn’t let me see the welcome message, it annoys me. If you know what this is or how to fix it please say something, I wanna see if it’s just me that this is happening to.
I am using an IPhone XR with IOS 13.5.1

Have you tried rebooting your device?

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That is odd. Are you sure that you didn’t have any problems like that nineteen days ago?

I tried that yesterday, the only thing it did that was kinda helpful was it limited the times it happened with the glitch.
@WumboJumbo yeah it’s weird how it really just started happening

Have you tried offloading the app?

No I haven’t.
Do you happen to know what offloading the app would do to the app and stuff I have on it, would it be like deleting the app?

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 5.19.29 PM

I don’t really know if that would help because I’m not low on storage, I still have a good amount left.

Offload the app and then reload it.


Ok, I’ll try that.

I offloaded the app then got it back a bit after, it’s been working fine for a few hours, hopefully it stays like this. Ty for the help :slight_smile: