Effects, swords and needles

Hi, I had a new idea.
So first off,
Lasts for 3 seconds.
3/100 of a blockheads health bar damage per second.
If you are standing in lava for 5+ seconds you will get an infinite burn until you are out of lava.
Lasts for 10 seconds
Immobilizes the blockhead.
In a rain storm there is a 5/100 chance that there will be lightning on a random block per 10 seconds. Sends flammable blocks on fire.
After the effect you will be immune to the effect for 10 seconds.
Makes the blockhead sleep and you can’t wake him up until he finishes.
Lasts until the blockhead is finished sleeping.
If the player keeps waking up the blockhead when he is exhausted (3 times) this effect will happen.
Lasts until a ‘needle’ is supplied.
6/100 damage per 4 seconds, amount of seconds and damage grows bigger every 5 seconds.
‘Gifted’ by a scorpion shot (20% chance).
Crafted with: (wooden needle)
1 glass, 1 wood.
Crafted with: (iron needle)
2 glass, 5 iron.
Wooden needles give you a sleepy effect after injection,
Iron needles slightly heal your blockhead by 1/100.
Poison antitode (for needle):
5 Healing Flowers (NEW)
1 bucket of water
Flowers could be found near the equartor, and in smaller amounts near poles.
Needles could be used by Pvp (tap the blockhead) by putting a poison juice in them. (5 poison, 1 bucket of water)
(extractions could be found from meditation. Fire extractions are common near warm areas, lightning by cold, and poison near desserts.)
Fire Sword:
10 Embers, 10 Fire Extractions (NEW), 1 Iron Sword (Good Durability, Moderate Damage) OR 1 Titanium Sword (Moderate Durability, Good Damage)
50% chance of a burn
Lightning Sword:
10 Lightning extractions, 10 Buckets of water, and 1 Iron Sword or titanium sword.
0.4% chance of shock
Sleep tight Sword:
1 Soft Bed, 10 Healing Flowers, 1 Iron Sword Or Titanium Sword
Depletes the blockheads sleep bar to 0, and gives 10% chance of a sleepy effect.
Poison Sword:
10 Poison, 10 Poison Extractions, 1 Iron Sword Or titanium Sword
20% chance of poison
What are your ideas?

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Imagine…‘Sleepy’ with a cave troll attacking you.




Not a bad idea, I like it. :slight_smile:

It makes the game more challenging and it’ll want to make you plan ahead. Neat.

Nah… imagine ‘Shocked’ while a cave troll is hitting you and a ‘burn’ at the same time.