Efficient Farming and Greenhouse guide


When I started playing years ago they would fall even if there was back wall. So I adapted my method to that and haven’t ever realized that that has been fixed! So that’s good to know


I have never known this method before, then i tried it with coffee cherries and mangoes.
It works so well!!! I get friut like every 2 minutes!


Yup! It’s a pretty great way to get fruit


Does this work with tulips?


Tulips have their own set growth cycles and only produce a seed and two bulbs or two bulbs depending on harvest. Growing them in a greenhouse doesn’t make a difference that I’ve noticed


How? What makes it better?

About Cherry trees+more

Basically the temperature. The more heat and light the better. But the difference isn’t that big at all


What’s different about the harvest. Is there more of the fruit/plant? Is that why it’s better?


Marginally. If you don’t limit the height the trees will grow taller at the equator because of the heat. But with this set up it really doesn’t matter. Like I said


I’m just curious, but does the type of light matter? If I used a regular torch and an oil lamp on a orange tree, which one would be faster? Assuming you all use the same amount of light source.


I don’t think it’s possible to get the same amount of light from torches as it is lanterns. I’ve never tried, but the more light the better. I always stick with the best light I have available to me. I never bother with torches, I hate the orange light that they give off


One reason I asked is because long time ago, I thought it was the heat and the lanterns don’t give up much heat, so I always used torch. But above, they used “light” and they grow faster. Does the heat affect anything or it just light?


I’ve used torches on a WFS world. You need a few, the more you have the better the tree grows.


The fires provide the heat. Although after working on my new cloud world I’ll be switching to using steam engines cause there’s no risk of fire with those


I think the brighter the light, the better.

Also, on a side note: I found out a long time ago that constant light not only speeds growth, it speeds up the entire life cycle. If plants/trees aren’t planted in compost, they grow faster, but they die faster too.


I agree because photosythisis (green leaf) is fed by the sun and the sun ray is feeding to those plant’s leaves. And that how the plant survived.


Big thanks to @bilingual for making a how to video of this! If you have all the supplies it takes about 5 minutes to build. See the video for an example of how to build it from start to finish!


This is my first attempt at a greenhouse, and it works fabulously! Added as many lights as I could fit here, and it generates like 10 oranges every 3 seconds (Even with the slow time on Basileus)!

Sorry for bump, by the way.


Great way to gather eggs of all types!