Egg Farming


So I have been interested in discovering all eggs for a while now, and I have been grinding by meditating for a long time and waiting for dodos to lay rare eggs. So far, I have normal, dirt, wood, stone, flint, compost, gravel and clay. I was wondering is there a secret to get rare eggs quickly or am I doing it the best way possible?


No there is no secret to get rare eggs, here’s a chart of the egg progression.



No secret at all!


It may help if you tame a pair of each type of dodo, and separate each pair into its own area.

You can separate them by using gates.

Try that and see if it helps. Good luck!


Follow the stone eggs. They will lead you to the first of the rare variety.

Placed down and hatch many eggs (all of the same type per area) and tame all the dodos. Increasing the number always increase the chances for a new egg type to be laid. But have a lot of patience and take your time building or crafting other things while you wait.

It also helps if one of your five blockheads are assigned solely on sorting dodo eggs and maybe farming if they have the time.

It would also be a good idea to have a golden bed for that one blockhead. Believe me, it helps a lot.