Electricity Problem

Hey Guys, I’ve been playing Blockheads for a while now. I am currently having some MASSIVE troubles in lining my electricity and copper wires. I am currently planning to create some 200 flywheels and set them up so that they act as a large battery for prolonged use (to farm carbon)

However, there are specific path, distance and problems. I am slowly making my way to solar panels but they are quite far and sometimes don’t work.

Can anyone post me tips on how to create a long range battery while maintaining the electricity output?

Also, how do I maximise my solar panels in terms of distance and output?

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Place down flywheels at the points where the copper wire electricity cannot go any further. The flywheels sort of serve as boosters/extensions.


This thread is almost five years old, and may have inaccuracies now, but this one experiment was enough to convince me that single dwelling electric was the way to go:

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I believe Joe’s post above with the link to the 5-year old article still rings true today.
Long Distance Electrical transmission is just simply too problematic ever since version 1.5.

Before 1.5, Electrical transmission worked like a charm for over 300-400 blocks.
It was amazing. I can even remember watching the little blue dots make their long way to the benches, but something changed in the code in 1.5 and since then, it seems that transmission only works efficiently in a local area - about 64 blocks. You can do better than 64 blocks, but after that problems mount up and it’s just not worth it.

Edit: I’m not sure if Chi_chi’s suggestion with Steel Blocks will work, never tried that.