Electricity problems

Is there a limit to how far away solar panels can be from the thing I need to power? I’m trying to power 4 refineries with only solar panels and flywheels but the refineries are only taking power from 2/5 of my solar arrays. The 2 that it’s taking power from are the 2 closest solar arrays. What am I doing wrong?

I think that there is no distance limit. Could you attach a screenshot? Maybe flywheels are fully charged and just 2 solar panels are enough to get that energy back so rest of them just isn’t used.

Can you provide a screenshot?

If you remove either of the 2 closest solar panels do the refineries draw power from any of the 3 other ones??? It may be that the refinery only needs to draw from 2 to get max power.

Otherwise you can always use flywheels as relay stations on long power lines.

A screenshot would help, but I know that refineries usually use a lot of power-- are you getting any power at all? Running out of power or no power?

I tried this and it used the other 3 solar panel arrays. the thing is… the 2 isnt enough so im really confused

its gonna be hard to show a screenshot cuz the panels are spread out but ill try

30 blocks is the limit from a source (solar panal) to a thing that needs power (refinery.)

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guess my 400+ solar panels are for nothing :frowning:

Well no not necessarily-- are you powering your refinery from just solar panels, or from flywheels? The flywheels will store power from the solar panels so that you can use the power more efficiently. Basically the flywheels will charge when they can, and power the refinery when you need it.

Like I said before, you can use flywheels as relay stations to allow the energy form the solar panels to reach farther out as each flywheel counts as a “source” therefore extending the length you power line be another 30 blocks for each flywheel.