Embarrassing things you did on forums as a newbie

1. Overreacted when milla posted on a topic you made
2. Became insanely happy when u got *one like* (yes, only one.. ) on a post and then thought you were famous "OMG I GOT A LIKE I'M FAMOUS!!! I GOT A LIKE!!!)
3. And then you learnt better.
4. Posted something dumb
  1. …And then got in trouble

What did you guys do as a new forums member? Post below.


When I first joined the forum, I think I might’ve made Milla a bit angry, but it is kind of hard to remember exactly what I did to make her slightly angry. :flushed:


It takes a while to adjust to the landscape and rules of the forums. So that’s pretty normal at the start


I debated with myself for hours on whether or not I should post something because I didn’t know if I was supposed to :sweat_smile:


As long as you read the community guidelines, you should be fine, but a lot of people don’t even know that the community guidelines exist.


I’ll be honest, I’m still trying to remember all of the rules to the community guideline! Luckily people are helpful and honest :slight_smile:


One of my first topics I made. I’m still embarrassed by it to this day:


That’s not trouble. That’s receiving an explanation of why your request not to get replies was not really reasonable.

@WumboJumbo, yes, that’s true. I don’t remember why either.


Who’s ThuThu?

A member of the community famous for her builds.

I guess she was active during my prolonged absence.

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lol porky. I made posts like that too.

me on every single bh server

I think it had to do with spam or something.

Was it when you kept engaging in back-and-forth conversations with users and then deleting all your replies within the segment when you got an answer?


When I was a newbie I didn’t post much. And there was no liking system either.
A year later, when I started posting, pretty much everything about my existence was embarrassing, but I’d assume that factor of me still retains itself to this day and shall never be removed.

At the time there was the Reputation system instead. I don’t know if it qualifies as embarrassing, but I always signed my down reps (dislikes, basically) with my name and kept my up reps anonymous because I got annoyed at how all the up reps were signed and the down reps anonymous; I wanted people to know when I didn’t like them, just to be punk or some edgy trash like that.

I wasn’t popular so my up reps and down reps were not worth the capped 10 like the popular kids, but because you receive “rep power” for being part of the community for a long time, I had a power of 6.

Needless to say, I made myself a lot of enemies.


No, it happened around the time I first joined the forums.

Ah, yes! The good old reputation days… :older_man:

I think I had more down reps than up reps because of the whole spam situation. Good thing Discourse didn’t carry over the reputation system, except for the fact that I would probably have a very high rep by now. :sweat_smile:


It is a very good thing. So many people got upset about their reputation–several quit the forums over one tiny down rep even if it was grey and had 0 power because they felt hated and not wanted. A lot used it as a blackmailing system, and even more were drunk with rep power.

I always felt really bad / awkward whenever I ran into someone on a Blockheads server, we would chat, and it turns out the thing on their mind is reputation; an alarming amount of people upset themselves over it or craved a crazy amount of popularity and power. It was a really weird community.

But sorry for derailing the topic; it’s just that I’m often happy it’s gone. Felt like it made a lot of my friends unhappy (and earned me many enemies lol).

Back to topic…the emojis I used were pretty embarrassing…kind of tasteless…


Wasn’t it able to turn red?

The blockheads forum wasn’t my first time on the internet, so I don’t think I did anything particularly cringe-worthy.

I’ve actually been having fun recently, going through some of my oldest posts. There were a LOT of suggestions and bug reports and whatnot that I don’t recall at all.


Meanwhile, this is the first “social” thingy i have used, so ofc i said cringe worthy things.

like seriously chi u are so embarrassing sometimes like can u just shut up pls