Emreoyun tr

Türkiyenin ilk ve tek Blockheads serveri açıldı. Hemen multiplayer search bölümünden EMREOYUN TR yaz ve oyuna gir. Hadi kahraman.



Turkey’s first and only Blockheads server has been opened. Write and immediately get the multiplayer search section of Emreoyun Tr. Come on, hero.

I will join any time soon. Her zaman yakında katılacak.

Düzenleme; İngilizce konuşmayı nereden biliyorsun??
Bazı maddeleri veya ilgili bilgileri anlatıyor sunanın iplik, verme kurallar vardır. Ne tür bir sunucu olduğu gibi ne kuralları ve daha birçok vardır.
Bu yüzden lütfen biraz daha fazla bilgiler eklemek, teşekkür ederim.

P.s i’m using google translate.

I’m Turkish!

He’s just trying to advertise his server for Turkish ppl only but I think I’m the only Turkish person here in the forums :slight_smile:

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Please always include an English translation for any non-English post content. This is one of our community rules.

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I don’t think he understood that. As far as I know, Turkish people never read rules. There’s never Any rules on sites and they love swearing. I don’t get it because technically I’m Turkish too.

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Well, if he’s not going to fix it the thread gets closed.

BTW your Tapatalk sig is showing, lorin :slight_smile:

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I can understand English but i never logged in the forums over 5 years.


Welcome back to the forums! :sweat_smile:

Have a cookie. :cookie:


And let’s logout for another 5 years :smiley:


I don’t think that the forum will be around by 2025. :sweat_smile:


Well, I wish I will come back at 2025 but it seems the game itself does not available on Android and community itself going to Apple only(Server app itself only available on MacOS, Game itself also only available on IOS devices too). The only thing i can say for the last time is, I played this game for so long and it was a great game in my opinion. This server I opened back 2015 was gave me much server management experience to helps a lot today. Since the game does not available on Android anymore, i guess this will become my last message. Thanks to everyone made, contribute and make it popular. It was a good run but every good thing must be ended after everything. :heart:

Here is the bookmark still exists :slight_smile:

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Wow you have had quite some breaks! Anyway see you in 2025

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Dark Reader extension makes all websites dark mode :wink:

ok cool
im on ipad
i hate my life

The APK file is still being hosted on Noodlecake Studio’s website: https://noodlecake.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/theblockheads1.7.6.apk

My typing speed is superior to you, and I’m on mobile image

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You can’t set the theme to dark mode. Milla or Dave disabled that feature.