Endless Frontier- A little server preview. (Mac Server)


-Thank you to Wingysam for hosting this, they’re a legend.

-Story: The story won’t be a short one, it’s not going to be any novel but I plan for the world to be packed with buildings and other locations to tell the story. Links to word documents will be found in those structures, and the documents will give some backstory about the location.

-Resources: Trade portals will be used for jobs and jobs only since the world is filled to the brim with resources. (More ore etc.). Those resources are plentiful and when resources are plentiful so are the civilizations. The whole goal of the world is to support the creation of complex civilizations with their own rules and government while allowing people who like PVP and more survival type servers to do what they please. Beyond the city walls lies a massive frontier. On this frontier nearly anything goes, it’s a dangerous place but it’s also a great place to begin creating an empire.

-Discord usage: Discord is definitely recommended, since it allows for the easy cataloguing of citizens and cities/nations. Discord will also provide all the starting story documents if I don’t add them to the welcome screen.

So yeah, that’s just the bit I’ve planned out so far. More will come sooner or later but this is it for now. Basically, the server is a land with both great civilizations and the barren and dangerous Frontier, you could be the ruler of a nation or the ruler of an army of raiders.

Still unsure, just wanted to announce that I have a server up and coming. If you’ve got any questions, put them down in the comments.

Edit: Rules should be in the OP -

1- No profanity or inappropriate content, that’s a universal rule.

2- No hacking, seriously guys don’t. (Applies to duping and glitching)

3- No spawnkilling, pvp is fine in the Frontier. (Cities may ban PVP, but they can only banish you.)

4- No griefing cities or nations when you’re not at war.

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Here’s the staff and builder application.

P.S. Thanks Milla, forgot about that. [Edit by Raidmaster]


what are the rules?


This is a very interesting idea!


I’m not fully done, but here they are.

1- No profanity or inappropriate content, that’s a universal rule.

2- No hacking, seriously guys don’t. (Applies to duping and glitching)

3- No spawnkilling, pvp is fine in the Frontier. (Cities may ban PVP, but they can only banish you.)

4- No griefing cities or nations when you’re not at war.


this sounds really fun, good mix of economy and survival. im actually excited owo


Should I make a builder/staff application? (You’ll see all the stuff currently in progress, story will be released later.)

  • Yes
  • No

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This might go well in the golden streak awards.


Should we do a closed-off showcase of spawn as a post-Christmas/New Years event? (Will last 1-3 days)

  • Yes
  • No

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Both polls are officially decided, I’ll start making staff and builder applications and i’ll finish up the Discord, sorry about me being so late, focusing on other work and now I can finally get to the server.

Oh, and thanks to Milla for adding the rules in. (Sorry about that one.)


Here it is, go wild.


Another thing I’d like to do is a public poll on when the spawn event is hosted, remember every extra day is another day to add on.

  • December 27
  • December 28
  • December 29
  • December 30
  • December 31
  • January 1
  • January 2
  • January 3

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You have two votes for this one in case there might be complications, so please help.

Another poll I’d like to add, do you all want some teasers of spawn soon?

  • Yes
  • No

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That’s it, I’ll keep working on the server. Also, remember our applications are open, and if you don’t care about being staff but want to build, just do the application and just state that you don’t want to be staff for the answers. (You can also just send me a message that you want to build, I’m taking all the help I can get.)


I’ve got another poll, please continue reading. As you know the world is going to have a lot of buildings, and since the world is 16X dispersing a decent amount of buildings across the whole world will take a very long time. So, here it is. In order to keep up hype, I have an idea that I should host some fun games/events on the server on the weekend every now and then to keep interest in the server and keep you all updated, do you like that idea?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care.

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Hello, I’ve been very slow to build but I’ve got some stuff for you all.

So, let me explain the buildings. The unpainted WIP is an observatory, I’m not stating anything else.
The green area is obviously a literal greenhouse/garden, more on that at release.
The picture on top is for the forge, a massive workplace that’s planned to be large enough to occupy 100+ blockheads with work at once.

Edit: A little ending note, this years holiday celebration might get a little rowdy to say the least, just letting you know what you’re in for.

Also, the reason spawn’s been slow is due to time and a certain other area, not saying anything though.


Server may or may not be corrupted since I can’t get on, hoping for the best here.


Alright, here’s the update.

Hi, welcome back to this page again, let me tell you about some plans once the server gets up; but, we need to go over some things first.

-Staff and Builder applications are still open and will be open for a very long time.

-I’m planning on whitelisting way more people just for some build critique/field testing, just message me with your in game name if you want to be whitelisted.

-The post-holiday/New Years event will be comprised of PVP in a map I’m making, these maps will be called gauntlets and everyone has only one life and the same set of gear. Whoever wins will get some neat cosmetics/dyed clothes and a place in a hall of fame. There will be different kinds of games like team battles, free for all and some more innovative stuff I’ve been thinking about.

That’s all folks, cya next update. Oh, mind you gauntlets will be all across the map, and I mean all of it. Also, if you do have some build critique reply to the teasers I’m putting out, it’s all helpful.


Is the world open yet


Unfortunately, it’s not up yet.


Alright, sorry to keep you all waiting. So, I’ve got some idea’s to reveal to you since I can start working again!

1: First of all, I’m making a large Underground Railroad around spawn, I might expand it to other islands as well but that’s it for now.

2: The Showcase will be delayed since I haven’t had extra dev time, looking forward to showing you what we’ve got!

3: I’m still undecided on the map for the first Gauntlet, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

That’s it for now, I’ll try to keep you all updated from here on out.


Builders huh?


Okay, doing a little update here. Before I do that, I have a poll for you all. I’ve officially gotten some build ideas (visualized/I know what they’ll look like) for the PVP Gauntlet, vote on which one you’d want.

Edit:Probably ending/closing poll at 4-5 voters.

  • Fortress/Castle Battlefield
  • Sky Island Biomes (Multiple islands with different biomes)
  • A chain of forest skylines (like multiple different floors of forests)

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Unfortunately, the server’s not up for a bit so I decided not to waste this time (it might be up or I just can’t connect.)

Also, props to the one person who sent in an application that was all just “No” it’s odd but I was entertained by it.