Endless Frontier- A little server preview. (Mac Server)


Lol xd


Alright, it’s been about too long you’ve all gone without an update, so let me give you some much needed information.

1- Gauntlet is officially going to be a mess of all 3 choices, it sounds like it would be fun for an experimental map.

2- I’ve made an abandoned town in need of a leader as a sort of teaching area to educate players through the means of play instead of long text documents.

3- Something big (Not like insane but a tad bit large) has been made in the world, wondering if you’re interested in seeing it?

  • Yes, I’m interested
  • No, I’d rather you not.
  • I’d rather pick the neutral option.

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That’s it for now, cheers.


You asked for teasers/pictures, and you’ll get them.

1: What you specifically asked for.

2: All the other stuff (not all of it but a bit.)


Just doing a quick head-count, please answer the poll if you’re checking.

Are you still checking on this page when you see an addition?

  • Yes
  • Mostly
  • Sometimes
  • Not Often

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No isn’t an option because they wouldn’t be voting, I’m doing a head-count so I know what turnout I can expect from launch. I’m just letting you all know. Also, applications are still open, we’re in serious need of some help since a 16X world isn’t easy to cover.


Daily Update- January 28th, 2019. (A.K.A yesterday)

1: Yes, we’re doing these now, since I want to inform everyone.

2: I made a small lighthouse, I won’t state it’s purpose or location.

That’s it for now, today’s update is coming later.


January 30th

Not much was done, I started a big project, but I’m saving the images for release.


January 31st

Here’s the yesterday update! (Doing yesterday updates since progress is more set in stone)

1: Continued big project, had to delay for a bit since I needed to grab some resources.

2: Started some random thing at spawn, it’s nowhere near done but I think it looks neat.

3: Re-checked gauntlet poll, making a dense forest and forteress battlefield.

Note: Still looking for builders.




Oh yeah, just a quick note Discord will probably be opened today, with more features coming over the weekend.


Just a slow note, I didn’t do much this weekend, but no need to worry. I’ve got lots of projects that are in progress, since 1 dude+ 16X world equals something that I hope I can release someday.


Hello, while I know this thread is dead. I have ultimately decided on something.

The concept of this world intrigued many, and I was and still am proud of that. The thing is, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it is ultimately impossible to cover a 16X world in lore buildings. So, I’ve decided to finish up the few structures left, and open the world up by getting rid of this old thread, since I don’t have too much attention on this.

Note- Removing this thread is only somewhat possible.

I plan to launch on the first of March so I can finish some big stuff. Also, I’m making it public now so you can chill on the server every now and then. The port is 15128, and the IP is block.wingysam.xyz

Ultimately, I don’t need an online building world, but I want everyone off enjoy what they were promised, excluding the lore.

That said, I hope to see you on March 1st.


Cool stuff, I’m come on later today


Alright people, might do a slight delay, but I’ve got a quick question for you all. Do you want more lore buildings to be made often, since releasing one whole group would be a pain.

  • Yes
  • I don’t mind.
  • No

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