Endless relation

Solor panels

Runs off of sun light

lightbulp powerd by solat

Solar energy is powered by sun rays

Sun rays can destroy the Earth of not protected by the Lithosphere I think?

i think atmosphere not lithosphere.

dirt doesn’t get destroyed and earth is made of dirt and water. actually sun rays are harmful only for living beings.

Where`` is the meaning?

That is the meaning. More importantly, where is the word?

He meant living beings Live on Earth :earth_asia: I think

Ehat word are we up to?

I think we’re now at Lithosphere or something.

I’ll just restart it at this:


Chocolate chip!
(Its IN a cookie so it counts! Hehe)

Brown shoes! (chocolate in this case is brown)

The HTML code of
<font color=brown> text goes here </font>
Makes text brown

Must I explain myself? I hope not.

Cookie Monster :wink:



Some puppies like mine are brown

Avatars? Ppl use cookies as avatars. That’s how you progress


Look it up.

Hmm… Because reincarnation is a sort of necromancy, I’ll include skeletons, which have teeth.