Entire iPhone lineup will be coming without earbuds or an adapter

RIP adapter and earbuds! We miss you!

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laughs in AirPods :smiley:

They probably just got rid of the earbud thing because you could use any type of earbuds for it, not Apple ones, so they would want to make more money, personally, I liked the earbuds better

Now the bow only has the iPhone and the Type C charger only

From an environmental standpoint I can understand why they did that. It also shaves down the cost for it too.


They also reduced the price of the earbuds to 19$ instead of 29$

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At least it’ll still come with a USB-C cable! :sweat_smile:

Most people already have chargers and EarPods lying around. If you happen to not already have one for some reason, you can get a charger from Apple’s website.

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France is lucky!


When it comes to including power adapters with smartphones, I bet that Samsung will follow in Apple’s footsteps in the next year or two. Take the headphone jack as an example. :wink:

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Lolllllllllllllllll hypocrite

I’m not surprised. After all, they did the same thing with the headphone jack.