Er...emojis that shouldn’t really be there!


Ok, so I was typing the emoji command things (eg. :sled’: without that apostrophe) and this came up -
The blotted out bit is… a rude hand gesture. To be fair, the name of it is not the full word, but I feel this could be used to circumvent the swear filter. Is this a problem and if so, is there a way to fix it?




Could you delete showing how to show it?


Okay. Sorry bout that.


Can certain emojis be removed?


I don’t think the [redacted] emojis is bad.

In my culture this is an expression of anger. Just like the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin: It’s just a hand gesture, I don’t see anything wrong with that :slight_smile:


Don’t Google what the middle finger means. Just don’t…


I have PMed milla before about this a couple months ago.



guys you don’t get it. You miss- see it



The ring finger actually isn’t the middle one.



yea, i meant to say it’s a different fing- AGGGGGGH


No, it isn’t the ring finger.


It’s bad language, albeit body language. It will not be permitted. This is the website of a business. It wouldn’t be appropriate, even if we set an age limit of 18.


:v:t2: < This is actually swearing in Britain or France. Well if you do it backwards it is. It was from the medevil times when the french would chop off some of the archers fingers… it basically meant I have my two fingers left and I am going to shoot you.


That way it means peace.



I found the thing.


Is there any way to remove it, or add it to the swear filter?


Not that I have access to. It’s on my list of things to raise next time I see Dave.



you could place it in censor or flag or require aprooval

get here at:

(this url is only availible to admins)


I already did that.