Eternal winter


Recently I’ve come across a problem on my single player world where it’s always really, really cold, year round. Snow everywhere and stuff.

It’s a vanilla world, no settings changed, and the issue only came about the day before yesterday. My house near spawn is far away from the North/South poles (it’s actually closer to the equator) and I have no idea what might have caused the sudden turn of season. My blockheads freeze when outside without warm clothes. Several of my fruit trees have died, as well as tulips, and efforts to plant new ones in compost have failed. I’m worried that my dodos will be next. Any ideas as to the reason behind this would be appreciated.


Did it turn to a 16x?

Because for some reason it seems like whenever a world turns 16x due to corruption it is always winter. For me anyway


Is your base quite high?If it was too high it will snow there.


Elsa probably did that.


Did it happen right after you tried to join a multiplayer world and got disconnected? This has been happening to several others too. It is a very old bug that has been around a very long time. It happened to me the first time when we were still on the old forums. Check your oceans to make sure they are not draining. Sometimes when that happens another side effect is holes in the bottoms of oceans where there were none beforehand. Sometimes world sizes can be changed and there will be more than one of some or all the poles. Sometimes your old world will be a sky island of a whole new world. You never really know until you have explored the map. Drastic weather changes like what you are experiencing is the first symptom that is usually noticed.


I think he’s playing Single Player


It happens to your single player world not a multiplayer world. It only happens if you have been playing on your single player world than the next time you choose a multiplayer world. If you get disconnected before that multiplayer world fully loads it can mess up your single player world.
In order to protect our important single player worlds many of us make a disposable single player world to join between as a buffer.


Yes, I’d been playing on the server Sugarflop beforehand and was having a lot of connection problems. And now, when I load my single player world, this is what shows up:

It looks like the world has indeed changed size. I’d wondered if the connection issues had anything to do with it. From the world spinner, my world (which had a different name) is now apparently called Sugarflop as well. All other details visible from here are the same as normal. I haven’t fully explored the map yet, but when I go to the North Pole, there’s a black space right behind it.

Also, when I scroll across the world, I get to a certain point and then the map glitches out. Is there any fix to this problem, or is my world stuck like this forever?


Perhaps your world is going through anti-climate change lol


I know what is happening it happened to mine with an expert mode server (at least yours is survival i had a pc and everything) it changed to an expert mode server i play on a lot


An ice age, perhaps :slight_smile:

It sounds as though the world data has been damaged, by the way. It’s not something we can repair. If it was in the cloud we could roll back to a backup from before it happened, but singleplayer data is not available to us.


Oh man i remember when this happened to one of my singleplayer worlds a loooooong time ago. cool to know what actually happened


I am sorry this happened to you @Lettuce.


It’s alright, the world is still playable after all. :slight_smile: