Everything we know about 1.7!


Will there be an expert mode. I reckon someone needs to start a thread for that, with a poll and debate for and against the idea… hint hint

Hello? Is this thing on?


There already is one @milla :slight_smile:




cant wait 1.7
wait… before 2018? what?


I am fairly certain that it will be this year, I think Milla mentioned the release “being in the new year” last year, which would mean sometime in 2017.

I can’t find a link right now though.


Finally an update!


I guess It will be in beta soon it’s not rn but soon


This expert mode will be so much fun for Survival Servers :smiley:


Well done, Bib!

I have a question about the new update

YUSSSS! This probably took a while to make, and its amazing!


Ok so dave reveals we can have totally flat wet worlds with oceans


Dave tweeted:

Makes it easier to collect fruit, I bet. :smiley:


And you’re going to need it. :speak_no_evil:

Fruit drops are responsible for the crashing

Looks like we’re going to have to dodo-proof our farms.


Wow that’s awesome!!! I wonder if more “fed” dodos will drop more meat when you… :confounded:yikes I don’t even wanna go there!


Leaking the beans!


Tbh i have no idea whats going on and why ppl are freaking out about "1.7!!!"
Its an update. It will come wen it will come and we will explore snd figure out whats new when we update and play…


Cos it’s gonna be AWESOME


I hope they add more things to USE!


What, does that mean that our blockheads can’t climb trees?? Also, I thought that fruit used to fall from trees already… Unless it was a glitch…