Everything we know about 1.7!


Ah. I interpreted that as a joking way of saying it, since so many online are using that phrase in a joking way.


Steel ladders may be coming!


I’m looking forward to this update!! I’m glad Dave and Milla didn’t abandon the game.


Looks like the new font is being used!



Maybe the name is of a dodo?


Sounds more like some sort of controls feature to me, like setting 2 commands for your blockhead at once… Or possibly the name of a website. :thinking:


Maybe that D-Pad that he was asking about, “for a friend?” :stuck_out_tongue:




Someone make a 1.7 update update video I guarantee you’ll get lots of views cause my 1.6.1 update video for got to 800 lol

1.7 gon be packed!!!


I need steel ladders…doesn’t even matter if it’s steel…

Can’t wait, but I’m wondering exactly how packed it’ll be…to be honest, a little frightened that there’ll be things I don’t like…


Imagine steel ladders for a submarine… Oooh.

You must start a petition for steel ladders!


Just something that I haven’t seen anybody post here… :wink:


:fearful: it’s meant to get closer, not further away :fearful:


Is Dave bending time and causing paradoxes again?

Although I suppose that’s a given when playing with crystalized time…


Added that Dave announced that he is changing world credit from tc to real money, which he proved On the forum


Dave’s actually on a roll, and has been powering through the to-do list. It is just such a huge task for one person.

The beta phase is in sight though. I will start working my way through candidates next week. Note that I will be notifying new testers one at a time, so if a friend has been accepted and you haven’t heard don’t freak out. I will notify those who end up testing, and those who didn’t make it through this time, so you will hear from me either way. If you haven’t heard it’s because I haven’t looked at you yet :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t steel ladders be added to the possible changes list?


Great to hear. :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll maybe e-mail Noodlecake sometime soon, to see if I can get 1.7 beta for Android.


That’s what I think.