Excessive posting

Can we please not have these “olds” threads? News is one thing, but posting threads about historical information is over the top.


What do you mean? These topics aren’t breaking the rules, right? I certainly don’t post them as often as the news topics.


I made a request. I mean what I said. I’m not sure why this is so mysterious. There has been discussion about your volume of posting before, so you’re aware of the issues.


I certainly don’t doubt what you said. Not taking you seriously would be a pretty big mistake. I was just asking for clarification.

It is mysterious to me because I can post the news topics without any issues, but when I start changing things up a little and posting a few topics like this one, it all of a sudden becomes a problem.

Yes, I’m aware of the issues, but I didn’t think posting a few topics like these would be such a big problem, especially when a section of the #technology category rules mentions “all generations of a single phone series” which would presumably refer to old technology like you’ve already mentioned.

In the end though, I don’t want you taking offense to this or anything like that. I’m just slightly confused by what you’re saying. :slight_smile:


Have I said it’s a big problem? I asked if you’d post a bit less, specifically on stuff that is not currently relevant. Your posting is disproportionate to the extent where it’s overwhelming the actual community discussion. This forum is too quiet for this kind of thing. Just ramp it back a bit, please.


somebody is gonna have to throw me a bone and explain to me, but this forum being inactive is already an issue, why is it that topics within the regular amount of topics that can be created a day by a user as set in discourse’s standards have issue?

i’m still fairly new to discourse and this forum itself, but being as though there’s a lot less activity, wouldn’t an increase of topics provide more views rather than less? i know the game itself is already going down more and more, hopelessness is never my end goal


There seem to be way more news topics than the topics about old stuff. Even then, I have been trying to cut back on the news topics, and so far, it has seemingly worked.

Again, I don’t think that the news topics are completely flooding the forum anymore. Maybe on rare occasion, but compared to a month or two ago, things have gotten much better (at least in my opinion).

I can agree with that. The forum itself is definitely too quiet these days, which is really unfortunate. I don’t see why an occasional topic about old stuff would hurt though. Would it be a good idea to just get rid of the #technology category altogether, assuming it is sort of a gray zone when it comes to what kinds off topics are allowed and what isn’t? I want to put the category to good use, but posting in there seems like a risky idea now.

Of course, I certainly will ramp it back a bit. :slight_smile:

Ultimately, I just want to know if you’re telling me to stop making topics about old stuff altogether.


For once I agree with milla…

If it’s tecnology that is currently relevant on the blockheads that’s nice, for instance more processing power on a phone, updates = less lag on servers

The question is why flood the forum with stuff that you can read on theverge/techcrunch/wired/mashable .com


I see no issue as there was no rules broken. She should have taken this to dms and not publicly posted it as crap like that would enrage me. I personally enjoy reading his stuff. The forum would be even more inactive without his news.


I agree and disagree I mean yes some of yaw like to read that stuff and good for yaw but as in for me I like when I open forum to see where people needs help or a new server not stuff about apple js :smiley:


I think the best way to solve this is to encourage all of our users to post - and not just in one category. People should post their servers, ideas for servers, blockheads fanart, etc. Even if someone has an idea for a server that they haven’t opened up, they should post that idea.

During this time of isolation, the world has been very different, especially for those dealing with pre-existent illness, homophobic/transphobic parents, etc. If people would make some posts spreading positivity, (maybe nice quotes, cute affirming drawing etc?) I know it would be really helpful for some.
The pandemic has made some situations worse for certain groups of people. For example, people who are LGBTQ+ with unsupportive parents/gender dysphoria have had it tough recently. Police brutality has also gotten significantly worse for people of colour in the US.
The forums is definetly not a place for posting political content. So instead, let's celebrate these oppressed groups of people by celebrating the parts of us that make us different. I sure do know that gay memes on the internet have helped me greatly during COVID-19.

For threads? I think we can generalize it a bit more, like just have a thread about apples then add on to any relating news, this way, discussions can generally be longer rather than just two or one people replying per thread. idk, just an idea lol :slight_smile:

thats kind of what we did with the covid thread, we just posted news on there rather then creating new threads.

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That’s not what the #technology category was intended for.

Some people don’t look at those websites.

Well said! :slight_smile:

You can mute the #technology category if you want to.

Someone tried that, but Milla didn’t like it, so she made the #technology category. :slight_smile:

Actually, one of the rules warns against megathreads.

  • Don’t combine several areas into one thread, unless you’re posting about all generations of a single phone series or similar.

yeah unless the amount of topics created per day by user is decreased, there really is a lack of reason, you can just look in one category, which allows you to see only what you want or what you’re looking for


It’s just a few button presses?

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yeah that’s the idea, so it’s not that hard, which doesn’t make any sense with these restrictions

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I know it’s a dead horse, but I really wish you’d post the true URL, not the Apple News URL. It’s an extra step for you, it it saves time/effort for every single person who might want to read it. I really think discussions would increase on these posts without the Apple News gatekeeping.

If we wanted to use Apple News, we’d see the exact same articles, and there’d be no need to post them here.


If people don’t read those sites, what makes you think they would want to read them on a game forum?


Maybe for the sake of convenience? Laziness?

This definitely is a game forum, but it has a #technology category, along with a few other categories like #off-topic.

I’m asking you to prioritise what you post to relevant news, based on feedback I have received. If you post two technology threads a day and you have two news items and one retrospective story about stuff that’s been known and available online for years, would you post the news, please? I have very carefully not worded this in such a way as to be taken as an order. “Request”, and “can you please” should be something of a hint of my intent. I have been consistent in my wording, so all this drama seems completely over the top to me. You guys go for it, if you wish to debate my request. I won’t be taking part.

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