Expert city (cloud world)

Welcome to Expert City! This is an expert 16x server, we do not have starters.


  1. Don’t ask for admin or mod if you ask the answer is no. If you’re interested in being staff then please fill out this form: Expert City Staff Application

  1. No cussing at all not even acronyms. Don’t say anything worse then crap or dang. My server my rules. Here is a video with helpful suggestions on alternative words to say: Alternative Cuss Words - Tim Hawkins - YouTube

  1. No mentioning Covid-19 or the covid vaccine it starts too many arguments

  1. No hacking or cheating in any form duping is included

  1. No bullying

  1. Listen to admins and mods if they say no the answer is no

  1. No trade portals within 100 tc of spawn they will be removed immediately you’ve been warned. You can ask for permission but you have to make sure it’s approved. I have a list if you’re not on it then it’ll be removed.

  1. No lying if you say you’ve read the rules and do not follow the directions I will assume you are lying

  1. If you’ve read the rules you must have not have a default picture if you don’t know how to do this ask I will tell you.

How to change your picture: The Blockheads: How Do I Change My Picture? - YouTube

  1. Check the wm often for new rules you will be held accountable for following added rules

  1. Keep spawn tidy this is the area 10 tc each direction no building in this area and if you dig replace the blocks

  1. Don’t join just to advertise. If you want to mention a server to a friend please ask. If you haven’t played at least a week don’t do it at all.

  1. No building at the North Pole. Don’t build within 20 tc of the pole on either side. If you do then you will be banned IMMEDIATELY. It will crash the server a lot. You have been warned.

  1. No spamming

Discord: Expert City

Q & A

Why is cussing not allowed?

Because this is a family friendly environment.

Why can’t I have a default picture?

It makes the server look nicer. It’s a good way to tell easily if someone read the rules.

Why is everything protected?

Everything isn’t protected. Only 10 tc left and right. There are unprotected trees at spawn.

What if my parents won’t let me change my picture?

They can come on the server and talk to me.

What’s your (insert social media here)?

I don’t feel comfortable sharing. If I’m needed you can reach me on the discord or the forums.

I think the rules suck?

You don’t have to stay here if you don’t like the rules. I will not be taking rules away only adding new rules.

World creation:

7:10 pm cst 10/11/21


Why are players required to not have a default profile picture? :question:

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Because I don’t like having people say a specific word and it weeds out noobs

Do people do that often? :question:

I only know of a couple other people who require a different picture one is @Skeeve

People say to say specific words if you read the rules I don’t like this because staff isn’t on 24/7 and unless you have a list and you update it every single day there’s no way to remember who read the rules

This way yes I know people with a chosen picture could technically get away without following the rules but people who have a default picture can’t plus it’s easier to identify people

There’s scorpions on both sides which make it difficult to get past the 10tc build restriction. This’ll be challenging :smiley:

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How would one fill in their digging? You can’t really poof blocks into existence and I kinda need the stuff to build a workbench.

I think what agentpinkdog means is to replace the surface blocks.

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Why not just record their username? :question:

It seems much has happened. I was on around 17 hours ago and spawn looked different.

Unfortunately people ignore some rules I’m gonna review logs tonight after play practice

That would be way too much to keep up with and would require every staff member having discord/forums which I don’t think is reasonable

Basically that I just want it to look neat there are ways to do that I might make an alt to clean spawn up later tonight after play practice

After play practice means sometime after 8:30 pm cst it’s 5:46 pm right now 15 minutes after I originally replied

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There are 6 people on rn!

My contention is borked, but I managed to hang around for a little bit.

I’m not sure that expert mode is my thing.

I have temporarily put a whitelist because of a possible hacker

Is it too early to be plotting governments?

I plan to combat the cruelty of expert mode by implementing a communist society. This is an experiment and I am looking for comrades to join me.

We may also wage war on the so called “Flax King” at some point but who knows?

I dunno, I’m just trying to see if I can make anything fun out of this.

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That sounds like something @Diamond_knight would do. :lol:

I feel threatened by this and may have to declare war on your communist society, I already have an idea.

It’s going to be awhile before the People’s Republic of Expert City is ready to spread the Revolution. But that should be interesting when the time comes

It’s funny how we are ready to declare war even though neither of us own land. I’m sure it will be interesting since both of us will be on the opposite side of the world :laughing: