Expert Mode General Guide and Tips


With the 1.7 Blockheads update, we now have more ways to challenge ourselves. Were you getting bored with the game? Try to get to the level 29 workbench. You may not succeed. You may die. You may lose everything you own along the way. But if you persist, if you play smart, if you plan ahead and make good choices you might just accomplish what few others will: BEAT EXPERT MODE!

The most notable thing about Expert Mode is that your workbench represents your level in the game. If you lose it, you start over at level 1 again. Tip: Value it higher than your Blockhead’s life. Don’t take risks when it is in your inventory.

Secondly, resources are harder to get and benches require more of them than normal mode. This means you probably won’t have more food than you know what to do with and stacks of extra stone and ore in your chests. You will need to make choices about how to use some of the rarer resources, like iron ore, coal, and black sand.

The third thing to be aware of is what changes have been made to the ingredients for things. Baskets for example require flax instead of twigs. Tools require a bit more than just the stone, flint or metal. They have added requirements of wood and string or leather to craft them. Learn the new requirements if you are searching for materials to make something. Don’t assume you know what is required based on normal mode.

I know others have provided the details of each level of the Expert workbench. This guide will not reproduce that, but rather give you some tips to help you out. The “learning” along the way is part of the adventure. Enjoy it.


  • Carry your precious belongings in a chest or safe in its own inventory slot, NOT in a basket. It will not despawn as fast if you die.
  • Turn off the d-pad if you are exploring a cave or high up around a sky island. Falling is easy and fatal.
  • Gem pick mining. Use the old school trick of chopping most of a block of ore with a stone pickax, then stop when it’s almost gone and switch to your gem pick for the final few blows. You will get the bonus but save your gem pick’s durability.
  • Plan your resource usage. Look ahead at what you’ll need for upgrading and make some strategies. You’ll need iron for lots of things, but which things do you value most?
  • Dodos are your feathered friends. Don’t forget to use them.
  • If you have an animal you are trying to tame on multiplayer but he’s not hungry and you have to leave the game, it’s best if you cage the animal first. Time passes with or without you on multiplayer (if anyone else is on or joins while you’re gone). So caging will avoid losing that rare dodo before she’s tamed. When you come back, uncage them and try for more feedings.
  • Employ yourself. Use trade portal jobs if a trade portal is available to you. If there is one at spawn, stock up on supplies before you go adventuring.
  • Get that second Blockhead. They can do jobs and keep your pets fed while you go explore for more resources.
  • This is a general tip for any survival server but on Expert, even the admins might not have gotten far enough to have protection signs. So on multiplayer, hide your base away from snoopers and thieves who might steal your precious stuff.
  • Tinfoil hats are an excellent way to keep your blockheads doing something (and keep them fed) when you aren’t focusing on them.
  • Coconut trees can be packed very densely and still produce the same amount of fruit, unlike other trees. They also are an excellent source of wood without having to chop down branches (and wood replaces sticks in many places in expert mode).
  • Keep your blockhead happy. Happy blockheads -> work faster -> do more between eating or feeding.

There are ways to take the edge off of Expert Mode. If you want to adjust the level of challenge for yourself you can make a Custom single player world, or seek out a server that has any of the following: “more ore”, “more gems”, “more sky islands”, “more caves”, “warm temperature”, “passive mobs”, “easier health” or even “no death”. You decide just how hard you want to make things with any of these settings or other settings not mentioned. Life will be decidedly harder on a multiplayer world as resources get removed and even harder on a PVP server where stealing is allowed. Conversely, things might be easier on a server where teams are encouraged and advanced players help out newer players. You can tailor your experience however you like.

If you are good at progressing in normal mode and making things from scratch, you should find that this merely ups the game challenge. If you typically join a server and immediately start trying to work the trade portal market and use other people’s benches, you are in for a surprisingly harder time. You can’t use anyone else’s benches. By default, you can’t buy things at a trade portal unless you have discovered them. (Custom settings can change this behavior).

Thanks to @ErickMatrix for some of the tips.

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