Expert mode idea: break-ins

Ok so expert mode is pretty hard but in multiplayer it’s no harder. So I thought of this idea. Crowbars can break through iron doors and trap doors. Yes that’s it. It takes a fair chunk of health from the crowbar and it breaks the door in. Now I’m not quite sure what happens to the door after but I’ll let that be up to you guys


Why shouldn’t it work in regular worlds too? :question:

It would be to hard to keep your place safe

That still doesn’t make any sense though.

What do you mean

I mean that it doesn’t necessarily make sense.

Oh my gosh. Why?! Expert mode= harder

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It isn’t just about being “harder” though.

Tell me what you mean by it doesn’t make sense. Like what about this idea do you not understand :arrrrgh:

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I already told you why.

I doubt there will be too many more ideas actually getting added to the game, any time in the near future, but I get where you’re coming from. It’s an interesting idea.


Yea I know that there will be no content update. But it’s still fun making these ideas

Expert mode = hard. Break ins = people can steal your stuff. People can steal your stuff = hard


I considered making it so you can pry open safes but that seemed a bit much

I like it!!!

I definitely would like to be able to get through iron doors and pry safes open!

Yes!!! We need this!

Imagine how many people would be EXCITED to see an iron door instead if being discouraged. It’s about time!


Yea I’ve always hated seeing safes and chests locked away and I’ve been dying to know what’s in them. It’s about time

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I guess that makes sense… :thinking:

I love this idea! I wish blockheads was still playable for android… I miss it :frowning:

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Yea I wish older devices were supported. Also your new pfps head looks like an egg

yeah i get the idea of it, seems interesting, and mischievous… sounds fun!

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