Expert Mode Milk?

I’ve managed to get tin buckets in expert mode and my next workbench upgrade requires some rainbow cake. Ive collected everything exept for milk and I even searched for how to get it. I go up to a yak and have the tin bucket selected. I feed the yak with wheat before hand to make sure its not hungry. But when i tap on it with the tin bucket in hand, i end up just punching it and dont get milk. Is this only in expert mode that it happens or am i doing something wrong?

Your doing it right. Only the adults can be milked. There’s a wait from when yaks grow up to the time they let you milk them. Just keep trying.
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Yaks can only be milked when they are ready to be milked. There is also a wait time between milking. That is why large herds of yaks are best when you intend to milk often. Start tapping on the yaks, with your bucket from far away, so that you can remove the selection if that one isn’t ready to milk.


ty i will try this but recently ive accidentally killed a lot and only have one left. is there a set time to wait until they r ready?

ty :smiley: how can i tell if its an adult or not? Also if it is shaven, does that effect milkability of the yak?

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Much appreciated WumboJumbo I’ll make sure to eat it with yak milk once i get some :smile:

The baby yaks are smaller, and the adult yaks are bigger.

I like to meditate while tapping on them, that way I can stop the action before it happens.

And, like @Shariu stated, I like to have lots of yaks for milking purposes. I tried to separate them, but it becomes too much to keep up.

Good luck.


They will not be ready to milk until their fur grows back. Feeding them will speed up the process.