Expert mode

Today Dave tweeted it occured to him that The Blockheads need an Expert Mode where everything is harder.
I made this topic so we can assure him that YES!!! we’d really, really love it.


I have a suggestion about this suggestion… please make it part of the 1.8 update so we can get to enjoy 1.7 sooner!!! :blush:


Nah. Its better to have a delayed but amazing game update than to have an update with half baked ideas. I know a game that keeps making half baked ideas and has turned off a lot of old timers for failing to keep their promises.

Anyways, its interesting to see how expert mode plays out. Will it be a lot like terraria’s expert mode or is it just going to be like the survival mode of fallout shelter which means more things to deal with it. Though with the lack of mobs, or anything really, its quite hard to die in blockheads unless youre really really reckless (or got stuck in the middle of a scorpion party)


Will expert mode apply to the expert handcar riders and allow flips and maybe other tricks? If so I’m ALL IN!!



Perhaps temperatures will affect us more?

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Usually within custom rules we can design the server to have harder survival, such as NPC’s being set to hard and being easy to be killed.

But I can’t wait for this mode :slight_smile: It’ll be useful for my next server


yeah, I’ve played in some harsh servers and I’m curious what he means by expert. Like, how that will go beyond the harder health and mob settings. Maybe trees will spawn 1 fruit at a time…and then die. LOL Ok, maybe they’d need to spawn 2 fruit and die.


It could be as simple as no-regen and having floating items despawn immediately (with the exception of fruit of course). :wink:


This mode could inspire @Skeeve to make Skeeves Gigantic Impossibility. :wink:


Yeah, I’m curious too. And I’m confident Dave will come up with something that goes beyond the settings we do have now.
There are endless possibilities. Remember the time when people made Fallout Shelter themed servers? You had to dig into the ground within 10 seconds of spawning in and could never return to the contaminated surface unless you had a space suit (aka a full set of ice armour). Wouldn’t it be nice if similar scenarios were an integral part of the gameplay?


Oh yes. some toxic air scenarios would be cool. Or mobs being one hit kill during the night and either normal or aggressive during the day. Ouch.


:lol: Good one KP7 - yeah, “SGI” - I can see that happening.

As for “expert” mode, of course, I’m all for it - but just like I did for Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge - there must also be a roughly equivalent reward for the difficulty. That’s why I made SGC filled with Ores, and also Large Veins (groupings of ores). To make the challenge worthwhile.

I’ll have to think more on this to ponder what “reward” an Expert mode might have… To be continued.


I like the sounds of that @jemnidad, as long as armor can still protect you at night (make it at least 2 hits).

I’m curious if this will affect crafting recipes at all, and whether this will be possible in vanilla worlds (probably not I suppose).


Wowzers! A maze with expert mode on — OMG!!
Hope Dave adds this so I can continue to torture blockheads make more mazes :blush:


Yep. Saw that coming. Definitely a LOL moment.

What does everyone think should be the difference between expert mode and regular play? Should energy, happiness, etc. go down faster? Should mobs be more aggressive? Should the core heat reach up further and do more damage? I want to hear also what people don’t want to be different. Both Dave and I are interested in this idea.

edit: Just a disclaimer from us. Nothing I have mentioned above is in for official consideration yet. It’s just random stuff off the top of my head that Dave and I have not yet talked about. It was as an example :slight_smile:


Here’s an interesting thought: expert mode could unlock certain types of gameplay, such as the space/lava exploration mentioned numerous times. This way, some worlds might implement it for the specific purpose of space, lava, ocean, etc. usage that otherwise may not have implemented expert mode otherwise.


Thats seems like a great idea! Not for me,i can barley stay alive if HARD core servers lol nah, but yeah! Sounds like fun!

Edit: and they could add like more dangerous animals to battle like maybe bats in abandond caves,poisonous snakes orrrr wolves stuff like that maybe?


Well, handcars should fully flip over… JK

I think mobs should definitely be more aggressive, yes. And I’m not sure if we’re talking custom or vanilla. I agree new mobs would be cool. Ones with range like scorpions. But there needs something more because once you eliminate those threats it gets easier again. Maybe trees produce less food? Maybe randomly some food poisons you? Maybe when you’re unhappy you start to lose health?


Yes. Please, make happiness good for something. I generally completely ignore it since it seems to have no effect on gameplay.

More off the wall ideas:

  • Weather hazards, lightning, heavy winds that degrade dirt / sand, knock ladders off the wall, etc.
  • When a blockhead dies, you lose everything on the blockhead, to instant despawn.
  • All ability to rush things with TC removed
  • Large sharks can break your boats
  • Carrying lots of stuff in your inventory makes you move more slowly
  • Trains don’t auto stop at the end of railways
  • Crashing trains / handcarts has a chance of damaging / destroying them
  • Some sort of cave mob to make it harder to explore caves.
  • Insect plagues that greatly reduce crop yield, more common near the equators. Can be avoided by enclosing farms (with backwall)
  • Lanterns / torches don’t help plants grow. Natural light only!
  • Tools have a (very small) chance to break early, leading to wasted durability and damage to the blockhead using the tool.
  • Food stored in chests on the ground can be lost through mice
  • Fruit decays, eventually turning rotten.

Several of the above ideas make no real sense for this game, but might inspire an idea that does make good sense :wink:


I just was thinking about that for the update. He should put Hurricanes,snowstorms,ice storms,blizzzards. Put water in there and watch what id be like on bh lol.