Expert mode

This is incorrect. Dave may just be crippling them.


I dont know how technically feasible any of this is, but I have some fog of war suggestions:

In the most extreme version, you will be able to see exactly as much as a newly spawned bh can see. As you move, the fog of war reforms behind you.

In a more realistic version: As you circumnavigate, the terrain is revealed. But it remains as it was when you moved through the area: any new buildings, mine shafts, or tunneling would remain concealed unless the area was surveiled/reconned again. You would also not be able to see any bh movement.

For faction servers: as above, but you have the capability to form groups who share recon information. One person (perhaps a mod?) could then ‘update’ everyone’s maps by crafting an updated map at a workbench.

In all cases, I think admin sight should remain unchanged.


Changed my mind. Thanks @Bibliophile for reminding me. Trade portals should only be up to emerald level so you can’t buy the late game items, and prices should be tripled. Of course, this shouldn’t affect BlockMarket at all.

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Ooh, I really like that idea about the map not being updated until you physically move through it again. It would be very realistic, being the like the memory of a Blockhead on how it looked when he saw it last. And it would reduce the power of players on PVP servers where players simply explore everywhere so they know where people build bases to come attack them. With this change they would have to keep making rounds everywhere they have explored to see new bases. That would be a real game changer. And I wonder if it might even save on network traffic, of keeping maps in sync with the server.

Question. If the fog obscures the players as well, what sort of time frame does this process take? Let’s say you walk away from spawn and travel 5 macro-blocks away. At what point will you no longer be able to see players at spawn?


I think that would really annoy players of normal vanilla. I don’t expect Dave wants to alter the play style of vanilla, except by adding whatever new features he’s making.


I am actually thinking about making Vanilla just a little bit harder in some areas too, particularly trade portals and hunger. My thinking is that if people don’t like it, they can always make a custom world instead and make it easier again.

I love the FOW idea, however it’s not technically possible unfortunately. To do that would require storing a different version of the entire world for every player on the server which would make world file sizes hundreds of GB.


That’s not surprising about the FOW. How about simply disabling showing other blockheads in the zoomed out view and the ability to tap to view them? (Unless of course, you’re an admin). That would somewhat provide some obscurity to players trying to hide for survival in a PVP server.


I totally agree with @jemnidad. If a player that is not an Admin has already explored a spot that I would like some “Privacy” in, he can just tap my name and see what I’m doing…

Fog of war


Just had a small idea that would make expert mode a whole lot harder, especially with bad planning.

When meditating, blockheads should still require food. Maybe not as much, but still enough to force you to watch them and not just forget about them except when collecting meditation rewards.


Ooooh SNAP! things just got real. That would be a brutal change for anyone keeping meditation up their Sleeve.



That is a brilliantly evil idea @Bibliophile! Perfect for expert mode.

Great idea, but perhaps not evil enough. As it is now, meditation is removed completely in expert mode. Much more challenging! :evilgrin:


Are there tc blocks to be mined in expert mode?
Or what about 1 bh only and if he/she dies the world automaticly deletes

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That’s a little extreme…


Lol, this is gonna be an eeevil expert mode. Did you hire @Skeeve as consultant? :joy:


Thats why its called expert mode

That’s nice. :slight_smile:
Surely, yes, expert mode will not only make the game challenging, but also motivate players a lot more!



Woah! That would be hard! I don’t think I would play it much.